Dynasty needs better rewards to encourage 60's

Idk what to say I finished dynasty forever ago and I’m trying to help friends get to 60, and I’ve been noticing mainly that dynasty is the most under participated expedition mainly because anyone that might be over leveled to really assist in the expedition doesn’t care one bit about any of the rewards. As of right now dynasty is one of the longest taking to get a group for expeditions and I gotta say being a 60 I know why, I just don’t see any incentive to do it other than help a friend thru it and I’m pretty sure that’s where the struggle lies for a lot of players who came on the back end of the 60 rush

Something like the bonus for the first 3 faction misions per day should be implemented for the first run of each expedition per day or week. Something to make it worth it for 60s to run them at least once per day or week.

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Everyone is grinding out watermark or ilvl gear. No one cares about running anything besides that.

Only to find that Genesis and Lazarus don’t care about your watermark.

Yeah to OP’s point: expeditions kinda pointless and not worth the materials it takes to get in them at best at 60 either.


I did get a 590 helmet from one of those, but I can’t remember which one exactly. And I’ve just begun “farming” gear score. My drops are 510-520 on average.

I farmed up to mid 550s in everything but neck/earring/ring, and went in there with my only Genesis orb (can’t get the other one because shield mastery quest bugs the quest line) and got solid 500-507 across the board.

Such randomness is bad design. But then this one example of bad design is but a drop in the ocean of bad design that is New World.

You get gold in the dungeon. You have a faction mission that you can turn in (hopefully with 10x gold). You get gems, you have fun.

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