Dynasty Shipyard Drops

Wonder if any1 has done Dynasty Mutation.
Is it suppose to have no 3rd line perk from dynasty 600 GS drops ? If thats the case why are we still running Dynasty mutation since it is not rewarding. its a waste of our orbs and its a time-gated thing.
Even the Expedition Chest is dropping 500GS item which is pure stupid. AGS Might want to take a look into this.



It seems like it. And if it is, thats such a freakin shame.

We would all love to know.

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I would definitely love to know if it is intended or not. This is EXACTLY why I was waiting to use my orbs. @Arcanaheartx thanks for the heads up!

bump. please this is the same bug with the 500gs dropping out of chests like last week. we really need a response

They just did an oopsie again.
We just went for a mutation run on dynasty and my entire team went “never again” after looking at the loot bag.


That’s because the supposed 500 gs items fix was actually primarily “removal of the BoE named items from loot tables” - only items in the drop tables that made the mutations actually exciting for people who did hundreds of normal runs already

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Sorry but we need another bump on this because I really don’t want to waste any orbs @Luxendra

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Really need a response…are these the proper drops or not?

Yeah, come on. The RNG fun is one of the only things going for this game.

The named loot drops in week 1 were… fun? Why take them out?

Then we get dungeon specific loot in the mutated dynasty that drops as non-legendary 600gs? Really not fun.

Bump, this along with the apparent over tuning of this dungeon is making it so no one in my company will run this dungeon this week.


Would be nice with an official answer om this…

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Bump , will any1 from AGS Reply this?

I think they have taken an early long weekend, I made 1 bug report, 1 feedback megathread comment and 1 bug megathread comment

Need more posts on it, otherwise I guess no new world this weekend

Has anyone even been getting timeless shards from Dynasty?

oh yes talking about timeless shard. we are not getting it too

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Please, rework dynasty, switch lazarus and genesis

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the first dungeon - a problem with the GE from the chest, the second dungeon - the same problem again, 3 perks were not attributed to old clothes
it was necessary to raise the standard dynasty to 60 and redo all the dropped loot to 600GSa
p.s save level 55 for quests

I’m scared of their simplest mistakes in preparing content

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I think they know. Apparently, this was already the case on the PTR and people already gave them feedback back then.

What more can we do? They know… and yet… they didn’t solve the issue while they had time before it got to live servers.

It’s really hopeless at this point.

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As most people in the post : my 100 people Guild is asking the same question, and so is half of my server, the General, LFG &faction chats went crazy about that yesterday.

And this time AGS, your competitor release a game within 4 days… clock is ticking…

You don’t have much players left, most of us are your core dedicated players, if you dont fix those problems VERY fast, this time you will have the final disaster that could bury this game sadly.

This is not a threat it is a warning of upcoming reality.

This post is the only one that looked serious enough with screenshots etc, but is not in bug reports where it should be.