Dynasty Shipyard Drops

whaaat? so none of the named items become legendary when 600? :frowning:
Seems like something needs to be fixed here. That sucks.

Lost Ark is not a competitor… It’s made by Amazon too :slight_smile:

It is not made by Amazon, they are only the distributor, they don’t touch a single code line.

Give us a Reply Amazon

I went on my one m1 run this week (bronze in like an hour and 45 mins). As such, I’m in before the next “make good”. Won’t be running it again.

No and this is a huge mistake.
Look at the NwDB, there’s no legendary drop except a weak healer pve set …
Edit : don’t expect an answer unfortunately

This game is so frustrating …
I don’t understand what’s in the game designer mind

Have a look at my post

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Game designed by :monkey:, can’t expect them to think this sort of stuff through before releasing to live servers. Honestly should expect this by now. Enjoy your bananas, save your orbs and wait for next :monkey: written patch with 700 more bugs and forced downtime.


The dungeon is complete useless with these sh… drops.

I can’t understand why they didn’t rework the dungeon loot. you should have seen that coming


They did as they add T5 loot, but it is sh*t
I’m pretty sure they don’t have dedicated game tester and hope player to give them feedback throught PTR

Have a look to my post, I push some ideas to improve the system

Yeah we need some1 from AGS to reply to this post. like seriously running Dynasty is stupid at this point unless you want to farm more umbral shard with unusable item from the dungeon.

Up !


Recently you’ve been very fast to react to many stuff, and i even saw in dev tracker a post about like house purchase, and no one in past 24 hours answers anything on Dynasty mutators, this is concerning…

this is the only legendary i found that scaled to 600GS in dynasty. looks much the same as the chardis set from laz.

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It was perceived ok on the PTR because on PTR the named BoE drops were still in, so people doing dynasty were actually getting quality items that they can upgrade or sell here and there.

Removal of the BOE named items from loot tables was the single biggest mistake they did with the mutators. Any self respecting player who already did literally hundreds of these dungeons won’t be doing hundreds more with the sole perspective of obtaining purple useless insta-salvages that won’t even pop to legendary. And no, obsidian shards is not enough of a reward on their own. Every person I know just wishes that they would put the fun back into activities - getting loot is FUN. But the loot HAS TO BE QUALITY - not quantity. Even if dungeons could drop (somewhat consistently!) randomized legendary drops instead of those GOD AWFUL CURATED DUNGEON REPLICAS WITH USELESS PERKS AND ATRIBUTES - that would be something.

My group went to dynastie yesterday till M8 silver and my loot was not 1 single legendary.
Many random named items droped even on 600 but all purple iam so fucking angry right now because i also played dynastie on ptr and there was the loot ok and the purples went to legy if u upgraded them but now they stay purple.

Fix that dungeon loot please asap! Feels like a waste of time no drops and 10 times harder then laz before. Iam ok with the challenge of the dungeon but to finish it with zero loot and also trash loot in the chests is terrible


It’s published by Amazon not developed by them. It its competition in the way that if a game published does better than a game developed by them is more successful it doesn’t inspire confidence in their products. I say that after all others made by them have failed so would explain the move to publishing.

Bump! Any reply from AGS?

C’est le même sentiment sur Ife, du loot 600 mais des armes non légendaire, et c’est très frustrant comparé à lazarus…
AGS faite quelque chose on veut du légendaire surtout vu la difficulté du mutateur dynastie

I also won’t run Dynasty because of this and AGS is well aware of it.

It would be nice however to see this thread moved to [Megathread] New World 1.3.1 Update Feedback where it is under going a discussion in a thread created by them devs themselves.

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