EAC, Please lemme use Vulkan!

For the love of god, let us use dx12 nor vulkan PLOX!

Their engine, AZoth (previously Lumberyard, which was previously CryEngine) doesn’t have good support for DX12 (or Vulkan) right now. DX12 has been heavily requested, and I imagine they are working on it, but no date or anything.

Vulkan is better overall but I don’t mind if they add dx12 support.
Would be awesome.

And if they don’t, leave dx12/dxvk ‘wrapper’ out of EAC so
we can at least use it.

It’s a very reasonable request.

Eh. DX12 is actually quite a lot of work to integrate for them. If it were easy, they would have already done it.

Vulkan is almost definitely even more work. As far as I’m aware, there’s no work being done on that, DX12 had initial, but flawed, support when this game entered Beta, and I would imagine they’re still working on that.