Earring crafting problems


Earring crafting is a nightmare for the following reasons:

  1. there is a giant % chance that you roll a profession perk (like +2 jewelcrafting) which crowds out the perks you actually want to roll

  2. there is no Crafting Mod in game to guarantee the “refreshing toast” perk (one of the most desired perks)

As such most earrings that are crafted are unsellable or sell for far less than they cost to craft, so they’re basically expected to lose money, so jewel crafters basically don’t roll earrings

Please fix!

Bro that is RNG

You want everything on a silver platter?

I have crafted +cooking earrings more times than I can count BUT that just makes the god roles that much more enjoyable

Wait for shards maybe?

What is that ? Something new ?

LOL! You thought I didn’t know that RNG is involved? How could you have arrived at such a backwards conclusion?

First don’t be rude, I’m not being snarky

I am simply saying it’s RNG deal with it

You want God roles every time ?

I have probably crafted 20+ 600GS profession earrings I just went aww shucks and gave it to someone because I knew that 20K+ piece was around the corner

Some level of chance has to exist

Also I’d say it balances out pretty good unless you datamined and know for a fact your numbers are backed up by that data

Incredible, you read my post and thought that my position is that there should be no chance, and god rolls every time? Check out my OP and reread and let me know how you came to that conclusion!

Your position is complaining that it is too hard

And my position is welcome to RNG

Live with it

You thought that this was my first experience with RNG so you should welcome me to it? Can you explain your thought process?

Hi posted a suggestion to assist with removing some of these bad perks from the roll chances. I think it would be a perfect fit here for removing the crafting perk exclusive table from earrings.

Good that perk is aids and should be removed anyways

That would work too. Right now it’s mandatory-ish for wars IMO. None of the other perks on earrings are really compelling and it’s almost a stat stick otherwise


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