Easiest way to stop the bleed

OPR, why is this server based queuing? Why wouldn’t this be region queueing? This is one of the easiest ways you can prevent people from exiting the game. I play New World to PVP. Currently its too dead to PVP. Going to do PVP missions sucks because its literally a run mission with 0 PVP. People don’t take forts because they don’t do much. Open world PVP is dead because of population. Let PVP players continue to PVP with OPR.

Immediately start server transfers. Again, population is dead and nobody wants to play an MMORPG that is solo. Especially one designed around territory control, player made gear and PVP. All my friends stopped playing the game out of boredom. I try to login and get an OPR or sign up for a War. If there are no Wars and OPR doesn’t fill quickly, I log off. A few more times of doing this and I won’t be logging back on.

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