Easy Anti-Cheat does not trust Steam, cannot launch

Game won’t launch, saying Steam must be running.
This is the next error message.



Having the same issue

theres already a bunch of topics for this rn but no fix yet

found out there’s a bunch of tickets on EAC about this problem. apparently EAC servers are down and that might be why we are experiencing this

yup happening to me, tried all the “fixes” and still nothing…come the fuck on steam get your shit together…everything been fine then you make me update steam and now I can’t play the game…such a joke.

Tired of this BS I have had NOTHING but problems from ANY game that uses Easy Anti Cheat such a stupid worthless program. I would of expected better from Amazon.

Weird that I was in game and playing just fine today. Logged off, rebooted, and and now this >.<

yeah ive been on all day with no issue…when I got off and got back on steam made me update then this started happening so safe to say it has something to do with that.

Large thread of others having this issue here: EasyAnticheat Steam Update can't launch NW - #7 by HairballHacker

This is also because steam updated their dll and as such the anti-cheat is recognizing your steam client as “unofficial” because the new coding doesn’t match theirs
While I can’t say this is the full reason as I do not know whats going on here, I have also heard thats one of the reasons to it

renaming the certifiacte allowed me to get into the game but cant log into server

This just fixed it for me. I just appended “.old” to the certs folder.

Same issue…can’t log in because steam is being blocked.

FIX: This fix worked for me this morning:

  1. Close the game and Steam.
  2. Locate New World’s EasyAntiCheat folder: \steamapps\common\New World\EasyAntiCheat
  3. Right-click EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe and run as administrator
  4. Click on Repair Service button and wait for it to complete.
  5. Open Steam client and run New World.
    Good luck!

Worked for me. Thanks!

Worked for me. Thanks!

Hello all:

Thank you for the report. Im sorry for the issue you have. Please check the following as well:

Thank you so much for your patience and helping us during this launch.

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This worked for me as well. thx a bunch!

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