Easy gear swapping

AGS has done a pretty decent job adding QoL changes and the game does feel a lot better. Having said that I think one of the most important aspects of an MMO is the gear. It’s what we’re here for really. Gear being such a big part of the game it should be easily accessible and we need to be able to organize it in a much better way than it is now.

Give us an armory or a better UI for gear. I have so many sets and I carry them with me. I have a luck set, a strength set, a tank set, an int set…not to mention all the crafting and gathering sets…

then you gotta carry sets with certain perks for certain activities…I mean it’s way too much. I’m not sure what can be done but as I suggested earlier an armory where we can store gear sets and organize it the way we want. Maybe even dummies in our houses or beside our storage sheds where we can drop gear sets and switch to them on the fly.

I also think that the gathering/crafting and luck gear should be “learned” instead of having to carry it around. Almost like a recipe, and once learned our character has that perk. and Luck and gathering/crafting bonuses would and should show in our character details and stats.

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Other MMOs like LOTRO have puchaseable tabs on the equipped gear screen (you buy them with the premium currency).
Each tab is a copy of the equipment slots. You can place there gear, name the tab (“Crafting set”, “Raiding set”, etc), and switch gear just by clicking on the tabs, but only while out of combat.

AGS’ introduction of the Out-Of-Combat system leads me to think that they are moving into this direction, with the possibility of quick switching traits and gear by the press of a tab.

By the way, this switching tab system should also exist for cosmetics, attributes, and weapon mastery builds.


this…absolutely this…

and you’re right about them seemingly moving toward this gear system with the changes they’ve made to the game thus far…

I’m just hoping it happens sooner than later…I literally have hundreds of pounds of gear on me lol…not that that’s a huge problem now that fast travel azoth amount is much lower…it’s just more of an organization thing for me…

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