Easy queue solution

Create a new server.

US East has enough players IN QUEUE MIDDAY to fill another whole 2k server. 2-3hr queues??

Add an option to ‘transfer to lowest population server for free’.

Don’t force people who return to the game (or are new to the game) feel like they need to immediately spend $15 to play at all. 4 hour queues on a week day? That’s a good way to kill game growth.

Instead reward people for being willing to leave their home server and build up a weaker/smaller one.

Not trying to bump this but this is a really bad look + i know its a holiday but something needs to be done.

Servers are unstable with 2200 players, thats NOT the solution.

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They added emergency overflow servers at launch, they need to do that again. The game is too unstable as it is, and game breaking bugs frequently require you to log out and wait for 2 minutes.

Imagine just getting into game, getting a freeze bug and logging out to sit in que for another 2 hours.

And what’s up with the “Position in Queue”? Mine’s jumping from 25-76, back down to 64, then up to 89. If you’re not going to give me a reliable number just put a spinning loading wheel.

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Yeah its not even peak hours right now and the queues are hours long :joy: emergency servers that are free to transfer too are the only option. Start with 1 in each region, give it a day and if queues are 20min thats fine but 1+ hrs is NOT

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