Easy wanted content

  1. Would you release Purple tier tools and bags for 600gs? Im just sad when i hit my first 600 craft on them to be still blue. In ptr y’all gave us purple tools and bags, play tester gear, so i know its possible. Make the last tier guaranteed durability or alacrity for tools, and the bags could be guaranteed azoth attuned or some other useless perk pool.

  2. Also a few guildies of mine had said they saw where you craft carnelians into shields? Like thatd be an easy way to balance tanking for everything. Tanks literally do nothing in pvp besides last about a minute longer on points, having a carnelian in shield would lower the cost if they wanted to run an opal in sword for pvp. In late game PvE a Dps will steal aggro from tanks just from the ideal dmg output, if a tank wanted to slot in double carnelians they could potentially hold aggro from the threat generation. Make 600gs shields go legendary, cause fuck arena shields those things never have sturdy, not sure why you gate kept it. Then let us slot in carnelians for our shields during crafting, dont have to add anything to drop pool, just let crafters have their exclusive stuff, limit the gem tier to the tier of item. Tanks wont be upset even if they have BIS shield cause they can now do better.

  3. Unlock those servers you intially locked from the past round of server transfer tokens, they suffered way too much, so what if they hit population cap day 1? Lock it afterwards, not before due to speculation. Most of their population left cause of it, and their “healthy state” turned into a ghost town.

  4. Item cap for storages- just increase it to 1000 if you’re gonna give us the ability to have 6000 storage space.

  5. Haste potions in open world- alot of players would absolutely love it, then mounts wouldnt be needed ever. Make it share cooldown with defensive potions to properly balance it, pair it with the proposed combat system, a basic attack, skill used or recieving dmg could remove the effects.

  6. More enemies in the world, especially in lvl 40+ areas, feel like there isnt enough in Reekwater territory. The elite areas are fine, just add like 100+ more mobs in the actual territory, make it to where you have to fight for the resources. It’s hilarious to see level 10 bots in Reekwater collecting motes and azoth water unscathed.

  7. Fast travel for Eternal pools Arena, looks like you moved the supply crates already, a fast travel for it would make 2nd attempts more viable, or you could make the exit where the entrance is, like every other arena…

  8. Black dye- honestly most of the crafted armor in the game would look better black. Even your armor skins would look a thousand times better with adjustable color schemes, but it’s understandable that you want to have set color schemes to respect the artists.

  9. Barbershop- a vendor that could let you change your hair/facepaint. Gender swapping would be cool, but not needed. Could make a npc sit in the tavern. Alot of players have regrets of their day 1 characters looks, but cannot part with the time they invested to create another character.

  10. Ingame surveys after every major patch, like make it a day after the patch, and stop surveys after that day. It’ll increase so much needed feedback. It could be 1-5 star rating for the quality of the patch regarding desync and stability. Then have a 200 character text box for worst issue encountered. (Be very specific). I feel my worst issue encountered in the past patch was recalling to my house, loadscreen finished and then having to wait 2mins to move/type in chat.


I’m sorry to say, but you gave too many good ideas, so your post will probably be ignored.

i love your ideas, and it is well written out! and if this post does get traction we can just wait for the copy paste response from AGS. swear they have a folder to just copy and paste responses from.

Thank you for your feedback! We’ll make sure to give this to the devs and throw them out of window or burn them all in the dump!


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