Easy War Fix. Solves All Issues

One of the biggest issues facing the game currently is the fact that the one and only “End” game PvP content offered in this game is by nature, excluding 95% of the server from taking part it in.

When AGS implemented this system they must have thought that this 5% of people would cycle across the playerbase as different companies attack different territories. However the reality of the situation is that the same 50-100 individuals are taking part in every single War on a server and locking out the remaining 95% of the players.

This has become normal practice across all servers now simply because it is the most effective way to win wars. And people care about results more than they do the process. My solution is simple, but will not be well received by those 50-100 current War loggers… MAKE WARS EASIER.

We have already experienced how making wars easier for attacks is an overall improvement by stopping defenders from respawning at points.

Ideally i think Wars should have a significant bonus or advantage given to the attackers. This promotes more territory changing hands, increases the formation of new companies and inclusion of new players, combats the slotting of the same roster every war. If Wars are easier to win, then their will be more companies who want to Push territory (which promotes Open world PvP), This will also decrease the Mega companies since people would be more willing to play with a smaller group because they will still have a chance to actually Win wars. By nature this would also decrease the effectiveness of Shell companies. The more companies pushing a territory, the less useful a shell company is.

My whole goal with the War change was to keep it simple so that it would be easy for AGS to implement. Looking at their past patches, its evident that they prefer to utilize solutions that require the least amount of adjustment to the original Code. This is why i believe this to be an realistic change.

As for how to implement making wars easier for Attacks. It could simply be as easy as increasing the Defenders respawn timer. However, I recommend giving attacks a permanent Buff to both damage and damage absorbed similar to the team buffs granted during OPR. I also think a good implementation would be to allow the Defenders a chance to decrease this buff via the usage of Town Board quests. For Example: All attackers get a 30% bonus to damage and damage absorption. However this buff can be decreased by 1% for every 100 town board quests that are completed in the Town being attacked between the time the War is declared and when the War starts.

Would appreciate any feedback on this new design. From asking around, the WW and EF owners seemed to hate the idea, but the smaller companies who would take the time to listen to my ideas were quite supportive of the idea and agreed it would make them more PvP oriented.

Edit: Removed the ideal win % I stated for Attackers since a % based determination cannot possibly factor in the variety of opponents.

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What if the territories belonged to the faction and not to a clan? and to be able to attack or defend the clans they must simply enroll in the war? All this under some election system in case there was more than one registered clan, or under some loss/reward system. Pay an inscription for each clan that registers and the one who wins keeps the total. That way we can avoid “ghost” companies. It would be necessary to define what the benefits of owning a territory are, it could be, for example, shared storage, being able to transfer products only in the cities of your clan at no cost.

why would you ever want to make wars 90% winnable? thats not a challenge at all and takes away ANY reason for any normal company to even try and hold territory. you want that kind of constant pvp, go do battlefields in wow. this would again, just drive normal players away but would probably be great for the elite pvpers. that way they could constantly be fighting and the rest of the people would be locked out.

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That’s a complete re-work of the system and would require a significant amount of man hours and complete change to their code to implement. Regardless of if you consider it a good idea or not, its unrealistic.

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Personally, I think the system we currently have is unrealistic.

Wars has a >90% DEFENSE win rate at launch and stayed that way for months. You want a challenge? Hold the territory with a Attackers getting a boost, that’s the challenge, and to boot you get a shit ton of gold for maintaining the territory and winning.

This is simply telling the “TOP” PvP companies to put their money where their mouth is Lmao.

why not just balance it to 50/50 and let the elite companies have at it, thats all its going to end up being under the current mindset of ags anyway.

If the combat were based on skills, this would clearly be much simpler, but as it continues to be based on equipment as it is today and the clans that own the cities get rich with taxes, it becomes very complicated.

That’s what the current system is… And apologies if you think the territory control is currently good, but alot of individuals are unhappy with it.

Their is a significant barrier to entry for “Wars” as a company. They require an incredibly amount of teamwork and coordination, which can only be gained from participating in them… This means companies that are already working together and cooperating have a SIGNIFICANT advantage over a newly formed company.

No its not… Equipment is literally the smallest factor so long as your not an idiot running around with 0 pieces of resilient gear. 2perks vs 3perks is not winning wars.

What is separating the large Companies from the small companies is their experience and teamwork. However this is a much larger hurdle for the small companies to overcome compared to just “Buying BIS”

What idealy is needed is an entry format into wars for people. But AGS already stated they CAN NOT implement practice or recreation wars. They simply do not have the server capacity for it. Best we will get is 25 v 25 pvp matches at Forts with random teamates. But that is not helping anyone with War experience.

Make wars easier at the Entry level.

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Believe me that if it were not so, the prices of the 3 BiS would not be as expensive as they are today, nor would the thresholds be sold at the price at which they are sold.

I hate how people always go to this argument…
The odds of Rolling “BIS” are on average 0.0001%.
Considering the cost of rolling gear, the correct price for a BIS piece should be around 4-5million gold.
BIS sells for cheap if you do the math. Its just nobody carries around 5million gold so shit sells for 1-2million.
Thank god they are reworking it.

I do not know how it will be on your server, but in Devaloka at least it is not like that. collecting 5k gold is nothing, the problem is that many equipments are over 100k, 3 BiS obviously.

The most healthy thing for the Game (from a PvP standpoint) is for territory to consistently change hands.

and this is what tells the pve’ers that this game isnt for them. pve players are about building up the town and using the stations they spent the time and effort upgrading. if the town is constantly changing hands the pve community has no desire to put forth any effort and they move off to other games.

i havent been in the pvp wars in awhile, mega companies on my servers locked me out for the past few months because i dont hide my opinions. last time i was in war, it was defender had like a 75% chance to win. im of the opinion that territory control needs to be removed and company or faction halls put in their place with wars becoming war for bonus. like a buff that helps you craft the better gear, health and gathering bonuses and the like. with all crafting tables and the like shifted into the more private halls.

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I don’t think the station downgrades are that much of an issue. I personally have not heard a single person complain about and downgrade since 2 patches ago.

Now that fast travels only cost 10 Azoth, their is no weight limit to fast-travel, and the fact you can move resources between town storages freely, their is no reason at all to be upset of station downgrades?

Are people really quitting the game because they don’t want to waste 30 seconds teleporting to a different town? We are about to have 10ish servers total, none of them are dead enough to not have a refining station…

I don’t think it really needs to be said, but trying to achieve a 90% win rate for attackers is not only unrealistic, it would have to be so one sided that it would take away any incentive for the defenders to want to fight on any competitive level.

It’s already heavily weighted for the attackers.

This would result in swaps so often that towns would be in total disarray, currently it takes a long time to let upgrades decay (invasion loss on purpose) to rebuild it in a functional sense. (Depending on the owners)

No one would even spend money on upgrades if they didn’t keep it very long.

And besides it would be about impossible to do it anyway, you cannot make the game where supple loses 90% without AGS driving out to their houses and taking a baseball bat to their computers on war day.

Juuuuuust throwing that out there.

war needs to be competitive, it’s war. This mode needs to continue to be competitive for it to exist as a mode where it isn’t as trivial as OPR.

The fix is more WAR modes. Since it was made instanced, this would be easy to implement.

There need to be more wars, you could call them skirmishes, but they could be fought for all manner of reasons that matter. Up to and including being a replacement for influence pushing.

All the pieces are already there, but simply blowing up a game mode that actually has a strong competitive playerbase is probably not a good idea.


The only reason BiS gear is so expensive is because EF/WW owners were given so much free gold for so long (the 10:1 tax giveaway scheme) that they have the money to buy them out as soon as they appear…forcing scarcity and driving up prices. Period.

Sure, if those PvPers never want to have reliable access to T5 stations or the crafted goods that require them. :rofl:

Well since you are too lazy to actually research the topic, let me fill you in on some already determined topics.

More Wars would be great, but the Devs have already stated that they cannot do it. A “War Like” game mode is on the Horizon, but they already stated making Wars the way people want is impossible. So it’s idiotic to keep recommending it.

You are also incorrect on your second point. War are not weighed toward attacks. War were originally designed to be 80% defensive win rate, but untill they moved the defender spawns it was actually a >90% win rate. Now it’s is more fair but absolutely in the Attackers favor.

Upgrading a few stations every 3 days is not the slightest bit difficult. My recommendation also makes town boards more desirably and they will be done MUCH more frequently.

A supple D*ck rider I see. If Supple is so good, they should be happy to put their money where their mouth is and try to Defend their territory when it’s more difficult. It’s literally no different from launch Wars but in the other direction. This makes it so you have to Consistently earn the WW and EF money. Y’all really scared of some small companies beating you and hurting your egos?


Please, please, please go to NWDB and do the math yourself

Then how about you spend 30 seconds teleport to another town. Also this was a good thing back in the day because people traveling to other towns to craft/refine helped distribute the money to other towns besides WW and EF.