Easy Warhammer fix

At the moment, people complain about WH being op. I believe these people don’t know how slow and clunky this weapon is.

With the update for path of destiny, the remaining issue is shockwave. You can change/update the tooltip to hit all PVE enemies and only 1/2 Players. This way it’s still good in PVE and manageable in wars and OPR but doesn’t kill 1v1/1v2

how bout get gud

I am good, I play ss + wh but people complain about this weapon a lot and don’t want to see it hard nerfed when there’s a better option

the problem with Warhammer is that the server lag makes it unpredictable, sometimes the stun hit you when your like dozen meters away, sometimes it skips the animation and stuns you, sometimes you cant even see them wave teh hammer and most of the time its just teleporting stuns.
the bad thing about it once you get hit with 1 stun you get hit again by another and pretty much down to 20% Hp while the guy healed up due to perk and just keep doing the same thing over and over, this becomes even worse if he happens to have a damn SnS then its just a stun fest, this literally tells players to just stun to win its not skill based but just another off shoot of left clickers.

its slightly better if you have a rapier but even with Riposte is still not a certain thing because this ability bugs out many times with desync and infinite riposte bug that does nothing.

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