EasyAntiCheat Bug Fix!

Run the EasyAntiCheatSetup.exe and click fix then launch the game.

Bezieht sich auf das hier ?


Da hilft es :slight_smile:

EasyAntiCheat Setup ist unter:

“Installationsverzeichniss”:\Steam\SteamApps\common\New World\EasyAntiCheat\

zu finden.


Open easyanticheat and repair new world worked for me aswell.


ändere Bitte mal den Betreff :slight_smile: Macht es einfacher für Hilfesuchende :wink:
So was mit Steam Crash/EasyAntiCheat Problem .

Steam → New World → Properties → Local Files → Verify integrity of game files

Takes a while, but works. No need to do other fiddling.

HiHo no need to verify files.

Start EasyAnticheatSetup and fix is applied within seconds :slight_smile:

Just did this! Verified that it does work!

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