Ebonscale schematics are safe to salvage now

An FYI since they did not include this in the patch notes. Ebonscale teak/rosewood/rug schematics are all okay to salvage now. I had a duplicate of one so I tested it and it worked - recipe was learned and shows up in the workshop. I had about 10 more in storage that all worked too. Took some screenshots for reassurance :smiley:

Schematics we salvaged and didn’t learn before are still gone though. Would be nice if something was done to address this.

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This one DEFINITELY should’ve been in the notes. I have a few to salvage then! @FancyFenrir can you verify this and maybe make a blog. For us furniture makers, this is HUGE. I’m so excited over the Ebonscale furniture, and to actually make them… :smiley:

Thank you so much! And just salvaged and made my first Ebonscale item. :smiley:

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