Economic Stagnation on moderately populated servers

So I figured we would get to a point where the market place would slow down and dry up and thanks to the most recent update I think its accelerated that problem, there’s no longer a rich market for 590+ gear due to the prevalence of powerful items in dungeons that can be upgraded which really sucks for crafters.

I personally think the 625 gearscore update was a mistake, it’s just more time gated grinding for a small power boost instead of what players really need to keep playing; interesting content.

Craft 590+ with resilient/weapon perk/freedom/refreshing → profit.

The market for non-legendary gear is extremely niche (borderline nonexistent soon). For crafted gear… you may be able to sell 590-599 accessories if it had really rare perks (like sacred/hearty), but most players are looking for legendary gear. The umbral shard cost to level 590-600 is too high and it’s a wasted 3rd perk.

I think it will be much better once people have their first 620-625 set and they will be able to spam 9-10 mutations. Then you will have so many shards it won´t be problem to upgrade 590 items. You got 6k umbral shards for 1 lvl 10 run, 4k shards for lvl 9, you need 1250 shards to upgrade from 590 to 600.

Give it 2-3 weeks until more casual people hit this mark.

I take is from my perspective. I have 615 gear set after first week. This or next week I will have 625 GS and will start looking for 590+ gear with right perks on it to upgrade it.

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Crafting and drops directly compete with each other since its the exact same perks and attributes. One will always lose to the other as the game ages

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