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I’m no economist, but I think if we did one of these two things, it could help fix the economic issues people are talking about.

Having less abundance of available raw resources should create less supply fixing the insane amount of over-abundant resources on the market, thus increasing demand due to limited supply, thus bringing prices back to more reasonable levels.

I think they need to look at each class of raw resources and adjust the rates. Some resources I feel like could actually use a boost in drop rate whereas others need a decrease.

Additionally, it might not be a bad idea to look into allowing players to purchase items from any town regardless of what town they are in, but charging a “shipping fee” or something like that as a cost of receiving the item without going there.

Also, there is the subject of node randomization and restructuring the way certain more rare resources spawn. I do know that each zone has a set of certain resources that spawn there, but it could be changed to where each node location on the map is randomized to spawn different resources. They can also set different % spawn chance for each type of resource depending on it’s rarity. This would make it to where people can’t use the New World Maps on Google to find the exact resources they need and offer more challenging way to obtain resources.

Someone also mentioned the need for more ways to obtain coin which I can agree with.


  • Reduce obtained raw resource amount per node for items that are too easily obtained.
  • Alternatively, increase the obtained resource amount for nodes that are too hard to obtain.
  • Adjust recipes to either use less/more resources to stabilize consumption of resources via market.
  • Alternative ways to earn more coin.
  • Resource Node System change based on randomization of nodes based on rarity and % spawn chance for each node.
  • Allow purchasing goods from any region, but charging the player a shipping fee ontop of goods cost for doing so.

cant really look onto this until armor is fixed because orichalcum becomes a lot less valuable when some of the best armor is from a vendor, removing the biggest orich sink. resilient and armor scaling being broken breaks a whole lot of this game

I’ve been buying 10s of thousands of orichalcum at .01 for 100g per 10k, when this is all fixed and income is stabilized the value will increase, i don’t think its as bad as you’re imagining - just no demand and a stable supply bc of special mat farming leads to everyone undercutting until it hits a floor

So while armor may be a problem, other items of different categories such as potion crafting materials are also a problem, so I believe everything needs to be looked at individually together vs just focusing on one.

I think you have it backwards you’re trying to fix an inflation issue when the game is suffering from deflation. There isn’t enough currency being generated because quests don’t give as much gold as they should and some players are hoarding all the gold from themselves, plus expensive repair costs we almost have more gold being taken out of circulation than put in. They need more repeatable quests with higher gold pay. I’m glad we aren’t seeing a huge issue with everyone having a ton of gold (at least on my server) but we’re struggling in the opposite direction where pretty much nobody has the money to buy the things they want


I don’t disagree that there is a deflation issue, thats exactly what we are experiencing. And yes, there is not that many great ways to earn a significant amount of coin.

However, its very clear that there is a resource issue as well because there is an oversupply of certain resources, that drive prices down naturally. There is also the opposite of where certain resources/goods are either too rare or hard to obtain, that the price is too high.

Lastly, I haven’t had any issue with getting repair parts. In fact, I’ve been at max repair parts for almost the entirety of my time playing. You can simply go out, cut some trees, take the wood to a workbench and mass craft fishing poles and break them down for repair parts.

Higher tier materials take a lot of base tier materials in the recipies so you want cheap prices. Everything is generally ok but is a bit tight on the coin gain but it’s best for the game to correct the bugs (there’s entire parts of the game that aren’t working) and then adjust resource rates.

I can agree with you there, but when mid-tier resources are being priced around 0.01, that seems to be a problem.

I’m not saying there needs to be a drastic change, but each item definitely needs to be re-evaluated.

For many things it seems the game designers went far too crazy on the shear number of item types and combined with the terrible clunky trading post interface many items can remain unknown to the average joe. Some of the cooking recipies can use any one of dozens of ingredients to satisfy the recipie for example.

I think they did this to make the world feel more real and diverse which I can understand, but yes, it poses an issue with certain resources being used more often than others thus making the alternatives obsolete.

There’s not enough ways to make money in this game. Quests give you pennies, killing stuff is so RNG. We need vendors to create base prices for items so more money can be generated to then in return be spent into the market.

Nodes do need to give less. Most people are farming the high tier nodes for the rare resources. Due to the ratio, it’s generating a tonne of extra resources which aren’t being used.
Another way to help this issue is to increase the amount of ore required for a refined material and reduce the amount of lower tier refined mats used. This would level out the value of all tier mats.
Lastly the game needs item sinks. We have a tonne of gold sinks but no way to remove items. They could expand on the repair system and have salvaged high tier crafted gear give the repair parts required for repairing high gs gear. Essentially break repair parts down into tiers but have item drops not give repair parts. This would mean crafted gear will constantly be required, even years into the game.
Could even have a downgrading gear system where items will lower in gear score and essentially require you to salvage equivalent crafted gear to get the parts to repair the item back to original gear score.

Lots of options available without actually having peoples items get destroyed.

I agree with this. I’ve added this to my original post. Thanks for the response.

I agree with changing recipe resource requirements for more/less consumption of certain resources.

Additionally, I like your idea of resource sinks through the salvaging system, good idea. This would need to be considered in-line when adjusting resource harvest amounts.

Check out the patch notes, outpost rush is getting turned back on which is intended to be the lazy players way of earning raw coin.

Do you have to be level 60?

Yes outpost rush is level 60.

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