What is going on? Every Day this server crashes, rubber banding, server maintenance without notice… This is becoming so bad that the game is becoming unplayable. And there is always a notice to check forums for more info… but most of the time there is no info.

And it seems so amature. In other games when they have server issues at least the game will apologise and give you some bonus, or currency that you could spend on cosmetics… But nothing from New World.


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Are other people on Eden having problems? Rubber banding, Disconnections. The server is going down quite often for maintenance. But I am having issues ALL the time.

I love the game, its beautiful, but it is becoming unplayable. Is this just an Eden issue or are all servers having the same problems?

I’m having the same issue on midian US west seems to be an issue with the 1.3.1 update! They haven’t really said they have solutions yet. You can talk to customer service and tell them they will run you through a list of things that have a slight chance in working but more then likely will be left hanging

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Same deal on Olympus. Lag Detected, skipping, ending up far from the original place you were standing etc.

Unstable, crappy servers.

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I recently have started to have issues with that, but it’s not the game for me. Don’t know if it was windows 11 update or because we had strong wind or because of Olympics - my connection has grown temperamental, and New World seems more sensitive to the little sudden drops I am seeing. Other game I play doesn’t care, but it is an older game with less requirements. Any fluctuation I am experiencing in my connection seems to affect New World and gets me the lag detected message and the problems going with it, while most other activities appear far less affected. Not sure that might be the same issue for others.

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