Eden went down for maintence

Eden world just got down. Anyone knows why?

Hi @javierss1994!

I hope you are doing well! And welcome to the forums, glad to have you here.

I understand the situation, here is a webpage where you can follow the server status, Server Status | New World . Now I do not see Eden on maintenance but it might not be updated yet. Can you restart the game and try to join the server again?

Edit: If anyone else had the same issue, please let me know!

Looking forward to your reply! Take care.

It’s back up now. They said it was going down for a “brief restart” which I guess “brief” meant 15 minutes. I didn’t know how long that would be either. And the support staff didn’t either?

It appers in the world message Check in the forum for more information, and as i can see, you didnt have the information. But yes it is on right now.

should do server resets for the biggest servers. earlier i had major issues, along with the rest of the people in my group (on olympus) we were all disconnected while running the lazarus mutation. We ended up getting screwed out of our run, wasted our gold, time, and the orb owners orb. we were eventually able to finish after being disconnected multiple times, but by then we had multiple team wipes, an so much time had passed we got the lowest score.

Second time today.

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