Edge of rebellion sword [BUG]


I think there is code problem for the EDGE of REBELLION, its durability is only 350, i think you miss, one 0, because its unplayable, i have to repair it, each fight, even during the fight, it’s non sense in my opinion.

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Definitely a bug. All other weapons of similar item level range from 2500 to 3500 durability. Someone left out a zero. I have to repair it before and DURING big/boss fights. And when weapon breaks the taunt gem stops working. Please fix as it is really good sword for me.

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Been Reported numerous times in all testing stages…still not fixed:(

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just got this, there’s no way this is supposed to be 350 dura

Seems like an easy fix, why taking so long?

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fix this …

Same issue. Just noticed it’s broken all the time. Looked after repairing everything and it was at 50% while everything else was like 99%. Saw this same thing, showing 350 durability when all other weapons I have are about 2400.

This weapon would have to have AMAZING benefits and lore reasons for having 14% of the durability of every other weapon it’s level, AND warn the player about that, because this is just an insane money/repair part sink.

i have an amulett or earring with the same problem shows red even if its full repaired

Might not be the same issue. You can see on the sword it shows 350 TOTAL durability. Most of my other weapons have 2400, and the sword I replaced it with has 3000.

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