EDIT: NM i'm stupid

BRAIN GO BUUUUUUUH! Juuuust pretend this isnt a thread.

Where did you see this post about merges Monday? I can’t find it.

These merges are only on the PTR servers to test if everything is working. They won’t be on the regular servers.

Edit: I beat the Community Manager! (keep up the good work)

Just a reminder that this is for the PTR. (In case anyone gets confused :slight_smile: )

Edit: Hah Malakith beat me.


Malakith for CM!

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I was just going to ask that, so thank you :grin:

HELP PLEASE! Stuck Knocked Down and Can't Be Revived (Immobilized Bug) - #2 by TheNative192 My friend is stuck can you please help him

He is immobilized in the water and Kay said you could help.

He has been stuck for so long. Please! D:

I don’t think Kay would say that since I don’t have the ability to assist with in-game character specific issues. I can; however, point you to a piece of communication about it :sweat_smile: Status of the 11/8 Weekly Patch - #2 by swarf

You could be talking about a Support team member though. You should have your friend submit a web ticket so their team can look into it.

He did and others did and its been weeks. My apologies I think he said Moderator. Is there anyway to contact one. We formed a ticket a long while ago.

Okay i was so confused. Please delete this as i dont want misinformation to spread from this.

You should be able to edit your post! Or you can mark Malakith or my response as a solution if you’re worried people may get confused.

Did you guys make any progress on fixing shield stats not applying while a sword is equipped but sheated? I didnt see it in the PTR notes, its a really annoying bug how i only have half a weapons stats if i dare to swap to my secondary weapon.

Giving me an error for some reason. Oh well ill just mark that guy as a solution.

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