Either take proper action against bots or games gonna die

they need to seriously start doing something about mining bots and other bots or 1 of 2 things will happen.

the games gonna die because of how imcompetent amazon is or everyone will start botting. How hard is it to add 1 line of code to all the respawn mechanics of gathering nodes

if player nearby do not respawn. the fix is as simple as that. to counter fishing just add multiple buttons that are randomly selected as the one that reels it in, instead of just left click , make it choose a random key or something.

we have a mining bot on Morrow whos been going since day 1 and has become a Meme on the server now because of his half broken macro’s afk mining bot on Morrow - Album on Imgur just says ee1e in chat every so often and never gets kicked.

they appeared today. Give them time. they manually ban each case

Are you complaining that people are standing near nodes? Wow thats some greedy greedoson. They arent your ore nodes, they belong to everyone. I personally camp nodes. its the greatest invention since sliced bread.

Listen to this. On my server we had a company take over a starter zone and raise all taxes to max. Then the gov and leadership went silent. The rest of the syndicate let that zone be taken by the marauders to end the taxes. Gov still silent. Some suspect xfer plans. Others noticed the ads for buying in game currency started about the time this was all happening. hmmmm

Hello @wakkytabbaky
Thank you so much for sharing this, for the moment the best option would be to report the player that are using any exploits or abusing the system and it might take a little bit but just like @Wildtothebone mention:

We do have to review the cases so please ba patient so it can be done the right way :smiley:

the entire morrow server has been reporting yrsonado since he appeared and nothing has been done lol

Are people positive hes botting? Do they have bot detection software?

dont care about people standing near nodes im talking full on afk macro bot miners

And please check this out:

Changes have been made

hes been in the same spot for 3 days and his macro types ee1e in chat like every minute, he does come back every 3-6 hours to dump or repostion himself since ive been pushing him away from the node every time i do my mining route

Are you positive he’s botting? Do you have bot detection software? The last thing amazon wants to do is immediately ban. They compile stacks of info to combat automated accounts and unleash a massive banwave suddenly and without notice. that way, the botting creators have no clue what triggered the action against said botter

infact, FFXIV does it once a week. Blizzard does it once a month. EVE does it daily. Notices | FINAL FANTASY XIV, The Lodestone Im not plugging square enix on amazons page, i swear. this is for educational purposes only in how MMORPGs combat botting in a efficient manner

hes lvl 22 no faction , hasnt moved in at least 3 days , doesnt say anything else, reply to DM’s or do anything else , does the same action repeated if you watch him, its obvious hes botting. not sure why you are even attempting to defend this said case. everyone on morrow can tell hes botting and hes not even trying to hide it lol. yea unleashing once massive bot ban wave is fine but is just stupid when the bot has been reported non stop over and over. each case is manually looked into they say but then why did some companies have multiple people 24 hr banned by mass exploit reporters?

its a 2 week old game. they are gathering information to smash them all at once. thats how they work. If they smash them right away, their tactics change, their code changes. This way they shut them down for a week or more.

You get one side of a story from those people who get 24 hour suspensions. You dont see what they say in every channel they are in. New world doesnt give specifics in a case as to why they were suspended, as they are no longer allowed to openly mail that, you have to request that data. Like every other MMORPG.

so the reports several companys saying half their company getting banned right before a war isnt suspicious? there have been plenty of mass exploiting reports on reddit and steam discussions everywhere. even the streamer group fextralive have put reports of this happening out

and back onto the botting front theres no real way to sqaush people using macro’s. if i wanted to i could set up multiple macros with random intervals of activation which would 100% simulate gameplay and there would be no way to stop it. botting software is what they squash in the big wave bans. people using macros should be immediatly reviewed and banned once they get massive report amounts

Automated accounts are not macros.

Also…there is a way to stop it. It’s called EAC. It literally bans software/hardware that can be used for macros. ICUE has been hit by it aswell.

no fucking shit sherlock. but ysronado that i intially pointed out is using macro’s so this whole argument you are trying to defend said macro user is stupid. im starting to think that you are said macro user and dont want your macro bot banned

If you are unaware of what EAC is, it automatically detects automation and suspends. It is a Epic Games product.