Either take proper action against bots or games gonna die

EAC cant stop every single program , wanna know why oh its because its the software for the mouse / keyboard , if it disabled or banned anyone with it then no one would be on right now

the current issue is, the game is 2 weeks old. They are compiling bot behaviour and reactions to system interaction. Once they have a valid way to auto-ban, without 1 million reports, it will auto-ban automated accounts. Much like EAC detects software that can be used to cheat and says “Turn it off then try and log in again”

I actually shut down my Bloody7 software before logging in every time because my mouse has macro functions built into it.

for example, risks being flagged by eac

my keyboard and mouse have macro’s built in also, yet ive never been told by EAC to turn off the software or been banned, if youve been banned by EAC for macros then you have obviously been using them and got reported. the fact you are still trying to defend macro users just goes to show you are one of them.

no matter how old a game is there is no way to fully stop macro users. stop trying to defend it by saying its a new game, they should be hitting this even faster before it creates even more problems

Who said ive been hit by EAC? Thats a pretty wild aspersion you’re casting bud. There are LITERALLY hundreds of posts about ICUE, Thermaltake software, RGB programs triggering false eac reports. thats Epic games problem

EAC has to learn the new actions of botters. It’s called ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Once it learns routines, it becomes much better at targetting the activity.

I never denied using macros for games. I support them fully. Automation is another story. That is NOT to say i use my macro mouse for New World, mostly because of the blocking mechanic and wait time for power swings, in a game with 4 buttons to use its not useful to macro abilities.

This is a more elaborate macro, used for SWTOR. No automation whatsoever, and purely legal on all mmo’s that i use it on because you are manually triggering that button.

yes macro’s are fine but using macro’s to automate mining, chat and staying logged in is against AGS TOS for this example. AGS saying each acc is reviewed manually , yet acc / bots that have hundreds / thousands of reports go unbanned / untouched for 1-2 weeks goes to show they need to do something different. hell even if they added 1 line of code to their node respawn mechanic to not respawn when players are nearby would fix this whole situation.

you are arguing a moot point. yes it takes time for fully automated software to get wave banned but that was not even the point i brought up. the original issue was automated macro botting

Thats game automation AKA botting, not to be confused with macros. AGS says all LANGUAGE VIOLATIONS are reviewed manually. Cheating is done by EAC as they have stated many many times. and EAC is a epic games product. This game has never ever been used with anti botting software until 2 weeks ago. it takes time to develop. New world is not like any other game when it comes to code.

Now remember. All collected and correlated data has to be sent to epic games, and implemented into the software by epic games. that takes time. When they finish, they ship back a patch file which gets applied to new worlds patches. That takes time. When updates happen, they implement stuff. they don’t do it on the fly.

you still arent seeing the point. they are using a macro to do said automation. cant you get that through your obviously thick head. they set up said macro to repeat over and over ( this is automation ) and trigger it manually ONCE. even botting software needs to be triggered manually unless its a super super elaborate bot

No its a bot. not macros. Botting is automatic. You click start and walk away, the bot does everything. That is not manual integration like a clicked macro. thats a bot. Can’t you get that through your obviously thick head? EAC handles those cases, not staff. It takes TIME to build a profile.

If i could find a picture of it, i’ll show you what a bot looks like.

Thats a bot interface. For example you select how many you want. click start. Walk away or go to bed.

seriously , 100% you are either ysronado or someone who is doing this elsewhere. i know what a full bot software looks like and you are still trying to relate the two things. my original point was this idiot is walking to the spot clicking his macro then letting it run for 4 days that is still agianst TOS macro or software.

by your logic i can set up a macro on my keyboard software to open and close the map over and over and then press E every five minutes ( lets say thats the node respawn time) and set it to repeat for 4 days straight without getting banned, that is still utilising MACRO’s to automate and bot

Stopping spawns due to players nearby isnt going to work properly for a server with thousands of players. Quite frankly its a terrible idea.

And thats automation, not macroing. 2 completely different complaints. EAC is gathering information. It will work. thats all there is to it.

A guy mining 1 ore…vs 5600 guys farming mobs 24 hours a day. You see people being banned for cheating? Ya amazons finding them.

yea its not a great idea but it would solve the issue until they figured out a way to fix it properly