Elaea mergers WELCOME!

Welcome to Elaea!

We’re glad you’ve joined our server and welcome you here. If you need anything hit us up in ghost lights. We’re recruiting to take the server back from purple!

Hi @SouperSide!

I hope you are doing well and welcome to the forums!

Here is the FAQ on how servers are chosen for merges, maybe this can help you get a better answer.

Take care and Happy holidays! :smiley:

because the other six is merging into Elaea

They listed the 6 merging into the 7th

As a member of the Savoya Server I shall see you soon!

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Hmu when you get in there @SouperSide!

Can anyone update a bit more info about Elaea?
Something like Market’s Price for some hot items, like raw resources (rawhide, iron, fiber etc)?

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Our market prices tend to be higher (some times a lot higher than other servers) rawhide is 0.52-0.55, fibers are 0.50-0.55, iron is 0.20 but things like flux have been 4g+ per the last few days (back down to 2.60 rn)

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