Elemental Animals Harvesting Disabled

Did I miss a memo? Why has there been zero official word about elemental animals not being able to be harvested atm?

You did miss the memo, had time to gather about 10000 life motes tho.

Its in the dev tracker. They went from dropping one quint, to dropping enough motes to make 2 quints. Id rather have the motes, but theyre going to probably make them drop less than what it takes to make a quint now and just be an overall nerf. I’m to the point I just dont care anymore, anyways.

I see no such mention from them? Only from players.

We use Official News for updates and downtimes :slight_smile: make sure to keep your eyes there for things like this! You can also use the Dev Tracker for whenever a Community Manager or Dev posts a comment.

Norumbega just went completely down and says ‘maintenance’ but there has been no official post. Thoughts?

Why is this not the case for Valhalla? The server has gown down multiple times for maintenance without warning around this time in the past few weeks. Support claims it is intended, but I can’t seem to find any notice.

SA Server, Apsu, is the same thing. It happened like 3 times in the past 3hrs without a single warning.

Still disabled…

Any update on this one. When will elemental animals be enabled for harvesting again? There are quests that can’t be done because of this and also would like to level up logging for example? Or did someone just forget to enable this with the recent fixes?

The problem here is that you don’t ever bother to post meaningful updates or ETAs on much of anything. These drops are a perfect example of why a lot of this community is frustrated with you and the devs. It’s a simple problem created by you guys messing with something that wasn’t really broken to begin with, and yet here we are almost 2 weeks and multiple patches later with no updates and part of the game still disabled. It doesn’t inspire much confidence in the game when you can’t fix or update us on something as simple as a droprate.

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