Elemental Attunements and Enchanted?

How can it be that there is this one perk with flat 18% dmg to attacks

And then there is a perk which only adds bonus dmg to the auto attacks but it is less than the first perk

Yes, u can say u play with both perks and soo. But still. How can it be that one perk completely out beat another perk?

1s cooldown vs 0 cooldown

Gets nerfed to 14%, you are right in zypur post

Attunement getting nerfed to 14 percent now. IMO 12 percent is the perfect amount for attunement, so not far off. And enchanted at 10 percent is fine.

Enchanted is better on cleave attacks such as great axe.

Attunement used to be in the same group as enchanted. Glad they seperated it…

Even though attunement is about to take a hit, as everyone starts switching to ele aversion.

attunment should be strong considering one of the only ways you can get it is to craft it.

u can drop.

Can also get it from drops in mutateds…just very VERY uncommon. Almost impossible to get one to drop with attunement and useful perks.

As I remember you can drop items with skill perk + att type depends from mutations… on every lvl and tbh was not so hard on M10s… to get legendary…

I have a dropped flame attunement/angry earth bane/rogue. Literally the only useable one that has ever dropped.

Only attunement on ranged weapons will take a hit though.

Pretty sure attunement is being nerfed on every weapon lol.

No I’m saying elemental aversion is not going to help against melee weapons.