Elite chest 24h timer reset is so annoying & unreasonable

This issue is really annoying and MUST be fixed to a specific local time for chest reset. We dont have to log in exact same time for chest-runs. There are also invasions and wars that we want to join. However, then we miss elit chest-run so either you do the chest-run at same day but late time or you miss that day to make your chest-run in a proper time in prime time period. My suggestion is making elit chest reset time 18:00 for everyone’s local time. Thus, if you do it at 20:00 or 22:00, you wont miss a day or dont have to do chest-runs at shifted late night time. Besides, this will not lead to any abuse or exploit. So please change this 24hr cooldown. This should also be applied to other daily activities like gypsum etc. PLEASE make this game more playable and convenient. Nobody has to do these activites at 2AM or miss that day due to 24hr cooldown. Thanks.

No Please. already now the endgame is to farm those places as automatons, if they remove the reset or decrease it it becomes a nightmare. If it were up to me, I would greatly increase the reset of those speakers, so as to push people to do other things. But they need to add more. This game really has too little to offer.

Furthermore, being a casual player (that is, I play only 2/3 hours a night for 3 days a week, due to work, family and children) I much prefer that the progression in game takes place in a time-gated and non-time-gated way. with farming and grinding for hours.

Please read it carefully, I dont say remove reset. I say adjust it to a specific time.

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