Elite Chest and Zergs are the Problem

With that you just gotta get someone with ranged to kite the boss while everyone loots. Heck, two ranged could yo-yo the boss and take turns looting.

It’s been done. No stealth required, just taking advantage of AGS broken mob aggro mechanics

Yes, doesn’t change a thing to what I wrote about the targeting AI that needs to change.

@Vlad-Tibor We appreciate the time you have taken to provide this feedback and your thoughts on this topic. We will make sure that your voice and the rest of the communities voice are heard about this. We thank you for being a part of the New World community!


@slappygoose We appreciate you providing this in-depth feedback. This is something we take very seriously and we will make sure it reaches the hands of the team for review. We cannot promise anything will come from it, but we will make sure that it is received and read. The team is ramping up to make sure as much feedback is collected. We have even taken it as far as getting the devs to engage with the players here on the forums. You will see posts via the weekly updates that take place.


@Rothom This has been provided to the team, we know that there has been some frustration around the loot in New World. It is something the team wants to work on. However, with this being said there is a lot scheduled for New World. In February we’re focusing solely on fixing bugs, bots, and balance to ensure players have a smooth gaming experience. Some new content is to follow after this, but for now, we do not have the finer details on what will be added and adjusted. We do know that the team is hard at work. We all are, to make sure New World can be what every player wants it to be!


I wish portals were more viable than just for corrupted sliver/drops.


Ive suggested this as well. Locked chest exist in Expeditions, so why not in Elite areas? Unless you, or your group, got the kill on the mobs guarding the chest then the chest stays locked!

But also, Ive mentioned this several times as well, the mobs need to scale with the number of people there. I heard there is some scaling but clearly it is not enough. If 50 people enter an Elite area then enough mobs should spawn to deter people from entering the area with so many people.

It is like if an army of Gondor approached the Black Gates of Mordor in LOTR. You bet a whole bunch of orcs and trolls would show up to give them a fight.


Instant fix… dont join a zerg… you do not ever have to join a zerg… go in with a small group of 5… easy done

  1. Prime loot does come from bosses, like the specialized weaving/woodworking gear. Chests only provide trash loot with a GS increase if you’re still on that grind.

The random legos are not worth it as they are trash and too far in-between. Key would be interesting, but as it stands, you need to do a certain amount of dmg to the boss and even then it’s not guaranteed to get a drop, so not a very good way with the current system.

  1. Boss cooldown will only make hard to get gear impossible…

Agree that zergs are not fun and we need something to counter them :slight_smile:

I think many more than you think still are.

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Omg I love you. I’ll take no bots in exchange for mana potions all day long. Well, atleast until the next, next patch.

This isn’t bad.

Only flaw I can think of is crafters finding a way to make a bazillion muskets the cheapest and most efficient way and selling them in bulk.

Maybe limit the sale of items on the TP to purples and golds? Bind on pickup blues and greens so you have to earn your salvage fodder. Would require crafters to put in some effort and mats to make purple drops so they could be sold.

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Yea but you can’t tell people when to play. Part of the Zerg issue is it’s peak hours and hundreds of people are on trying to get in all their runs with the time they have to play. There is no way to regulate that in a MMO. Unless you are going to have a NPC toll booth only letting in so many at once. You can’t expect a server to self regulate something like this. To many trolls and troublemakers won’t let it happen plus people that just have limited time.


I’m just not following your logic. How is anyone being told when or how to play? If you change the cooldown on the bosses to 6-8 hours vs a 24 hour cooldown on elite chest you will be opening up tons of gameplay at all times of day/night. If anything the current system is design to dictate when people can play.

Further you have:

Scorched mines
Sirens stand
Imperial palace

There have to be 50 bosses guarding chest between those. That would allow 250 players in 5 man groups to play simultaneously or even 500 if you had 2 groups together. That’s assuming players aren’t divided between OPR, dungeons, crafting, gathering, etc.

Even if there was a bottleneck in say Myrk for example during peak hours I don’t think it would be as big an issue as you think and could easily be solved with short repawn timers. If several groups got ran into each other at a boss would they not simply let each other play through? If pvp flagged fight it out?

Ideally they would add even more stuff but even with what we have now I think it’s an non-issue.

Yup. There isn’t a nice way of doing this. Ideally, the crafter has to craft and salvage items higher than their expertise. However, a whale can transfer 3 major trophies and a ton of Ori ingots to the noob to power-level them through the process.

Perhaps the salvage system not applying to the crafted items is the simplest solution. That will probably piss a lot of people off.

Perhaps binding trophies once they have been used in the home is a good method of discouraging this behavior, but rich whales might accept the loss of the weaponsmithing trophies to powerlevel a players expertise.

Idk what the solution is here. : (

This is a good idea I think. Make the elite chests locked and have to kill boss which should also have a drop. Just need a quick re spawn time so everyone has a chance.


We are talking about a game where people will kite a NPC onto you to knock you off an ore node then they sneak in a get the last hit and steal the node. It’s the internet and it’s gamers. I appreciate you trust people to cooperate and I too want to live in the world but we don’t.


I take your point and you are absolutely right that people are selfish jerks. I think that’s partly the reason they will move on right after killing something. If they are put on a 6 hour cool down on that particular enemy there will be no incentive for them to hang around.

There will certainly be a minority of jerks that hang around just to mess up another group but I don’t believe that’s the majority.

In the example you used of the ore only one of the two players will get it before it’s on a long cool down. They both have something to lose. If the bosses are on a short respawn timer I don’t really see it being comparable. If it’s only 2 groups of 5 they would both get credit anyway.

The zerg has been dictated by the ridiculous expertise system.

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