Elite Chest Drops

Is everything okey for elite chests ? I did full run mines and mykgard, got only weapons drop from chests. Not a single one armor piece drop, and seems so many drop jewelcraft stones. Anyone noticed ?

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I hope that’s the case for me lol, My armor is high 580s-590s but my weapons are low and I’d personally would rather have my weapons drop at 600 already! I’ll come back after I run some and post what I find.

can confirm, elite chests only dropping weapons so far

Armor if it drops is green or gray .

Would love to see a dev comment on this, Elite chest runs are one of the few things we can do to increase our watermark and you increase the difficulty of the mobs there based on how many people are there in the area and also nerfed the crud out of the chests it should have been an either or not both when can we see a change end game content is not rewarding at all atm

i dont think its only loot from chests, all (luck related) drops feel off.

after all chests + bossmobs + A LOT of trash in reekwater pool, reekwater pirates, mines and half of myrk… 90% my loot is green. only 1 epic armor and 2 epic weapons. many t3 gems, only some t4 gems. no t5 gems. and 250 ori ore without any mining drops.

with full voidbent, luckrings, luck minor tropies, luck jewelry and even luck shield + luck sword AND pvp flag.

in my opinion, luck is not working at all or the loot is nerfed into oblivion. I feel like im wasting my time while waiting for a fix…

How much of your loot has been Weapon or Gear?

Unfortunately Maunz, you are wasting your time. They’re in no hurry to fix this, or they would have said so by now.

I felt the same way and just left the game. It’s better than being frustrated every time I look at my bags.

WAY more weapons than armor. feels like a “fix”, because before the patch you gained armor watermarkincrease pretty fast and weapon progress pretty slow. but instead of buffing the weapon drops… the only nerfed the armor drops? + the rarity and occurrence of everything else?

Knight, the devs on this forum have no answers. It’s just recycled copy/paste on each thread. Look at their responses, they haven’t given any solid answers in weeks.

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Overall are the Elite Chest’s bugy. So they did something and broke another thing (again)…

I could imagine because they worked on the “luck” system they broke as well here something with the chance of droping Epic Items…

But normaly you had kinda the same amount of Items for Weapon and Gear. and now you have Alot Weapons. ATM = The best time to farm your Watermark for Weapon’s - i just won’t because its not fun (as well as the Overtuned HP of some Mobs.) Why are even Normal Trash mobs higher with HP than bosses ~~

Same, today 28.11.21 did a run in mines and I got only green items and like 2 of them per Elite chest and the rest was some grey trash, infused regen potions, etc.

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