Elite Chest loot at Brimstone Sands

Since day one I create a route to farm solo Elite Chests and then at night farm the elite chests on elite area. I have seen on those days farming any glyph elite chests that the loot is limited to Blue hardly purple drops, if you got like that 0,0000001% legendary on the chest also the quantity an elite chests giving from 2-4 items makes no sense, I am trying to get those schematics that only drops on elite chests but is basically impossible I got the same ones I can get from stockpiles on Elite chests.

In my opinion Elite chests and Stockpiles should have a different loot table related schematics, recycling tables makes drops rates insanely low.




What I found that elite and glyph chest (the ones with 24h cooldown) give worst loot than stockpiles. Sometimes only giving refining mats. I think it is probably broken how it was in the past with other elite chests.


thats not all, I found out that most of the new schematics drops only from Elite chests and so far I got 2 or 3 news running around 3-4 hours chest runs + daily elites, I hope it is not intentional that all the new look has a insane low drop rate. If thats the case I will come back in a month or 2

Thats a very good point. We have once a day “elite” chests that reliably offer lower tier loot than their normal per hour stockpile counterparts which also have a better loot table. This is the same for all of them. Elite chests need to have the same loot table that stockpiles have with a Slightly higher chance at better stuff. This is the same for dungeons. You get generic blue, green overworld gear from chests… what? Thats not why anyone is farming that dungeon. Dungeon elite chests need their own loot table with dungeon themed loot and a smalllll percentage for maybe getting that rare named dungeon item everyone wants.

Which brings me to my next point lol. ALCHEMICAL STOCKPILES and crates are literally not worth anyones time and have been since launch. At most you get a couple motes and a single potion??? What!? This recent Brimstone update completely nullifies any potential benefit from them because you can now get motes faster with your Lego tools and potion drop ratea were fixed to the point where i have so many now i literally just discard them like trash.

Alchemical crates need a large variety of alchemical supplies in their loot table, not just motes. With the stockpikes offering more valuable potions like tinctures and coatings instead of the standard health, regen, and mana that we get from 60 mobs in a single dungeon run.

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The only reason I run elite chests/glyph chests and sarcophagus is for scarabs and those are also way too rare.

They put a limit of 10 scarabs a day but I don’t get why because I do t think anyone ever got close to that. Make them drop more so you can actually reach the daily limit, this will also lower the price and we can start crafting without spending a fortune. And don’t get me started on the timeless shards and the attribute craft mods… I don’t understand why they expect us crafters to waste a gold cap of money to probably not even craft 1 bis item

I think the limit is to wooden coins you can get any mount of golden scarabs, as you luck allows it

But we agreed that those “elite” chests are a joke you get green and grey Items from them it should be more like Myrkgard or better.

I’ve run every elite area, daily, for the past two weeks. I originally got quite excited to see what the elite chest will contain. Now I know it’ll be a steaming pile of **** that makes me question whether my time doing any elite areas are worth it…

But what about trophy mats? Yeah right good luck.

The grind needed for this stuff is just beyond a joke.

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And still waiting for a decent drop I even got all the named items from chests… already

Isn’t the whole point of brimstone chests (glyph, pool chest, elite zone) to get the scarabs? I mean you’ve never got anything else useful out of these in the old elite zones. Trophy mats only drop from supply stockpiles anyway so it doesn’t make sense to try and get them from elite zones