Elite chest run loot

I am 625 in every slot bar the shield as i dont use it ever. When i do chest runs almost ALL my drops green or higher are this sort of gear score. Is this only me getting this problem? chest runs are completely useless for now i cant even upgrade any good drops. Is there a fix for this issue?

I’m going to make several assumptions here, based on experience:

-The more luck you have, the worst it gets.
-Luck is a lie.
-The more chest runs you do, the shittier the drops get.
-Drops are better on weekends.
-Considering there is a personal loot table according to AGS, it only clears the cache when the servers are restarted, the longer they stay up, the shittier your drops are.
-As we have no clear info on the loot tables /chances, and the past on AGS doing the shittiest possible math, there are probably some botched formulas along the loot calculation.
-The more you play, the less you get. Consider Tempest. The first daily tempest I do, I get 1 or 2 nameds. The 5th, Isabella drops GREY items. There’s clearly some additive formula there at work.

FYI my friend told me to uninstall and re-install game. i didnt believe this could possibly fix the issue…but it did. how long have i been playing a broken game???

is this why in 2700 hours ive never found a loaded dice? like WTF AGS. how is this even a thing

took this picture literally 1 minute after re-installing the game. what a joke!!

Your mistake was reinstalling the game after the uninstall. Game has been broken since launch and breaks after every update. Disappointment is all you will ever get with the hopes of AGS “fixing” the game.

i would actually really appreciate a personal response from someone at AGS, as a player for 2700 hours how do i know my game has been working as advertised since i first downloaded this game??? im feeling very robbed at the moment

Sorta related, I was running chest runs in shattered for prob a month or so without luck gear on purpose. The DAY I put on full luck gear and went on a chest run I got a stacked deck , precision armoring and something else decent.

Since that day I never got a good drop from a chest lol, so freakin strange.

I stopped doing chest runs exactly because of the same reason.

I’m full luck (equips, gems, trophies) and yet the drop seems worst than without lucky equips. Devs/CMs continue to say that luck is working fine, but well, at least for them.

I really think that what is happening to the luck system right now is that, the more luck you have, the more items you can roll from your loot pool, but the worst items aren’t removed from the pool as the best ones are added with more luck.

But hell yeah, in a few more replies CMs are going to get here and say once again it’s working wonders, instead of a real stress test in some controlled environment.

Funny you mention that, i spent 1000 hours on my old pc and have never gotten anything good. Regardless of my luck stat.
Fast forward to this past week, i just installed the game on my new legion and am getting some really good drops from runs/named mobs.

I thought maybe coincidence but hey, maybe not.

You don’t even have to be all 600+. Once you have more than 50% at 600+ chest runs go from really boring painfully slow upgrade to just insane and not worth the time and effort. Your chances of getting an upgrade should stay the same but the upgrades should be limited to those slots you still need to upgrade.

But you can’t ask AG to change the culture of making everything a painful time sink.

Is there anyone that enjoys current luck setup? I personaly find it really frustrating. I’d much rather have a binary system where it grants me an additional chest so that I can at least have some feedback that it works and can see it improving with my gear.

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