Elite Chest Run 📢

-Elite Runs are so boring… 40-50 men just running hours for pick chest?

Dear Devs you must find a solution for these boring elite runs, people just do elite runs all day after a while people leave the game for this boring running.

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ahem, 40-50 people

We are always working to bring more content to Aeternum; if you’re tired of the ECRs/WTs, you can do 3v3 Arenas, finish the MSQ or side quests, see how far you can sneak on your own through each Elite without dying, join an expedition run via Group Finder, get starred at Expert on all your music sheets, flag outside a settlement to draw out some enemies, capture a fort for faction control points and to advance your PVP reward track, or make friends.

I’m sure others in the forums have suggestions to for what to do when you’re tired of ECRs. I personally do side quests that I haven’t completed yet, sometimes go back to the repeatable ones, or I get a group together to run mutations. But it’s up to you.

There’s a lot to do in Aeternum, more to come. :vulcan_salute:


You have to realize chest runs were created by the community someone one day was like lets put a big group togethet and do this which to me is always phenomenal aspecs that gets created within the game i get they are repeatitive and boring but its something created by the community for the community


I enjoy discovering every point of the game, but those like me are very few in the game, unfortunately, those who play the game feel obliged to participate in the elite chest run in order not to fall behind other players.
also, this is my proof :smiley: ;

This is very true, ECRs are user generated. Could bring back portal runs too, which were also UGC.


How about that great cleave @Kay :wink: we all loved that to


Doing it willingly and doing it out of necessity are both very different. What we do with love causes us to love the game more, while what we do out of necessity causes us to get bored of the game after a while.
am i right dear developer @Kay :smiling_face_with_tear:


and i mean there’s a handful of other things like @kay said 3v3 arenas, opr, daily gypsum casts even spamming some dungeons cause always mix it up to get those expertise bumps

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you are absolutely right but ;
I feel obliged to join the elite chest run to catch up with other players and I will have to join after a while. :smiling_face_with_tear:

i mean i get it honestly to me was a little more rewarding at the time when pleroma was a low pop server i was hosting a nightly mini chest run even if i was already expertise capped it was nice that people looked forward to it now to me i understand boredom cause i only ran Mines/Myrk/Imp at the time i can’t imagine doing those plus sirens,mals,pools,mangled for me personally i just didnt want to allocate all that time ever night cause i still wanted to accomplish other things in the game, but it’s one of those things maybe the watermark bump should be tuned up a little as a catch up mechanic or things of that sort, but the facet in which of these are obtainable is all up to how much of it you want to do.

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I think chest trains are a good thing for the community. It’s one of the very few things that pull mass amounts of people together. Without it, you probably won’t even see or interact with half of the people on the server. Plus chest trains are an easy way for people to catch up, especially for returning players or new players. It’s also a good casual activity ingame for people who just want to chill for an hour or two.

The idea of the chest train is fine, and it’s community driven. Ever been on a server where there are no chest runs or none during your playtime? It sucks lol. With that said, the current route is pretty long when you add in Brimstone Sands. Mines > myrk > mal > imp > sirens > pools > wall > helios > castrum. That’s a solid 2 hours worth of picking chests.

I think it’ll be good to have less chest runs for upcoming content. Perhaps more elite boss drops so people can be more selective which named areas they want to camp. Like heliopolis is well made because people go there to camp named bosses for good loot, such as the two cats up top for the BiS rings, or Batheqet for his hammer. Stuff like that is good so people can choose what to camp for the drop they want. A bit less hectic just running around hoping to get something from chests.


The only real problem with ECR is that they are profitable and effective. Which does not mean nerf them – but it is sad that if I am low on reagents I can get more in a shorter time following a train than I can picking up unguarded chests anywhere on the map.

@Kay I loved sneaking around Shattered Mountain. Then someone decided to add a bunch of archers and muskets all over the place so you couldn’t.

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Make 3v3 worth it and maybe more than 8 people will Que for it on a 2300 populated server. Play with the same 5-10 people every single day in arena cause no one else wants to do it for the trash rewards. You get no box, no cash, no shards, no rep and the pvp track legendaries no one uses plus all the gear is con based. A bruiser could never get 300 str with all that con gear. And no one I know would be caught dead using any of those champion weapons cause they are all trash.


The issue is that the only viable ways to get gear are to farm golden scarabs, or run M10s. The pvp track is very underwhelming.

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Please don’t bring them back the way they were and still are on most servers.
The most fun I had with elite zones was when running through there in a small group of 5-10 people having to kill the monsters. Additional fun when meeting other flagged players.
Today, that does just not happen anymore.

Just running in a Zerg of 100 people is convenient of course but also super boring.

If you dont like to do ecr, just run them as a 5 man, also has a better chance of getting good loot the less teams their are.

Nah I just don’t do it at all. It’s a waste of time and super boring.

As much as I love this game, there really isn’t MUCH to do outside of menial tasks and pvp is few and far between outside of 5-10 people traveling in groups to kill one random gathering fiber. Arena is imbalanced, the queues are slow, we’ve done enough traveling 1-60, expedition runs can take a while to get going, music is pretty stale and capturing a fort only results in like 1-3 people coming to fight the 5+ of your faction.

Like I said, I love this game and I love pvp, but the end game content is pretty lackluster. Pve players make up majority of any mmo and right now, pve is nonexistent outside of killing random, unintelligible AI for gearscore upgrades and running WT’s for quick expertise/mats. We need small 10-man raids with mechanics, some more dungeons and different mobs besides the lost. This has been the complaint since beta.

Please give us more content before players quit again. I really want this game to succeed.

Please do, while I am almost 60 now I do miss corruption portal runs. They are happening to an extent but it’s no where what it was “back in the day”.

Elite chestruns with everyone on the server is boring and lagging. You just run around collecting the best items and dont have to do anything.

You cant even see the chests because there are so many players. Just press E everywhere and hope for the best.

I think its B O R I N G , but as everyone else I also want Legendary recepies and the best items and boosted gearscore easily.