Elite Stronghold & Elite Chests Revamp [Suggestion]

Elite Stongholds need to be challenging, so people not can’t go in and get entirely free loot, they have to earn it by participating in fights at hard mobs and bosses

Here is my suggestion on how you could revamp the elite strongholds

Mobs Around Elite Chests

  • 15% stronger and more challenging
  • 3 Hours Respawn Timer for both chests and mobs in the area

Loot in Elite Chests

  • Grey and green resource and gear items no longer drops
  • Blue items still drops, but less frequently
  • Chest can’t be looted before all surrounding mobs are killed

Elite Stronghold Bosses

Introducing New Chest type " Ancient Elite Boss Chest "

  • 30% stronger and more challenging
  • Uses more different attacks
  • 9 hours respawn time
  • Only players who have participated in fight can get loot from chest

Elite Stronghold Bosses Loot
Each Participating player is guaranteed one legendary named item, either from the normal world drops table or from the expedition loot table.