Elite Town Project Board Quest

We know that the Town Board Quests (“TBQ” from now on) are meant to be solo, but what if we make an elite version of them. I will first go through the reasoning behind this, and then how would it work.

Settlements have to upgrade their territory every 4 days since most invasions are being lost. As of now, low level settlements can still upgrade their territory pretty easily but zones like Reekwater and Ebonscale Reach have a lot of trouble doing so. This happens because low lvl players do TBQ to level up, and lvl 60s do TBQ to get standing or because your company owns the territory and ask you to do it. By the end of this month the influx of low lvl players will be really low, thus making other settlements have trouble getting project point since not many people would be doing TBQ.

So, here I come with a somewhat viable solution for the issue “Elite Town Board Quest” (“ETBQ” from now on). ETBQ would have a toggle (on/off) option, so that whenever you have a team you can go do them. The following bullets are example of the way the quests will change

  • “Explorers Needed” will make you search chests in Elite Zones
  • “Hunt” quests will make you kill special elite mobs (e.g. “Angry Earth” Dryad wolfs, “Lost” bombers, “Ancient” javelin, etc)
  • Add “Anti-Corruption Needed” to defeat a certain amount of small portals or big portals
  • Add “Miners Needed” to mine specifically in a elite zones (for some settlements only)
  • Add “Skinners Needed” to skin enemies in elite zones (for some settlements only)
  • “Armorsmithing”, “Cooking”, “Weaponsmithing”, etc should make you craft the item with a drop from elite zone enemies and the other materials should be required in less amounts
  • Other ETBQ should be added or changed depending on the settlement

Now, for a conclusion I will add a simple pros and cons list


  • Settlements will be able to get project points faster
  • Players will be more willing to get territory standing in most settlements
  • Low leveled elite zones like Deadman’s Cove will be farmed
  • Drops like “Notes on Aeternum Fauna” will be more available in the market since they drop from lower tier chests (could be wrong tho)
  • The elite zone farm wold be more interactive and fun
  • More people doing portals


  • Settlements such as Everfall, Windsward, and First Light don’t have elite zones YET. I suppose with the new enemies “Varangian Raiders”, there will be new elite zones in some of these settlements
  • Some settlements might shift in population
  • There is probably another cons but I can’t think of another one right now

I really hope this can be implemented, so give some kudos if you like the idea. And feel free to provide more suggestions about this topic.

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