Elite zones after patch 1.1


this is not another whining post, but lets face it clear - readjustment of elite zones/mobs are overmade and fighting any 63 lv+ elites is… simply boring and exhausting now. I dont have any problems with going as “real party” right now, but most of us have same feelings that these fights take way too long or scaling when there’s 5 people around doesnt seem to be balanced. Combining this with drop nerfs it just doesnt seem rewarding our effort anymore.


I honestly cant see why they felt the need to change anything at all in these places. The games end game is already the most boring end game I have ever seen in a MMO. The farm for watermark is incredibly slow, and now they are making it not just a little bit harder, but much harder.

I have nearly maxed my watermark so I wont be affected the most here, but I cant imagine what this feels like for a newer player reaching level 60. He will basicly never catch up…

The game needs bug fixing and new challenging content, not making the already incredible boring and slow content we have, even harder and slower. Im actually baffled.


ok so my company does a nightly loop of elite zones. we’re a fairly competent and decently geared company. We always start at Pools, then hit Sirens, Mines, Myrk in that order. I’m a tank and usually lead the way through these zones.

When we started pools we had 11 ppl. It went smooth, we def. noticed it was a lot harder. I was taking more hits, ppl were getting one shot. We wiped a couple times but only due to respawns behind us or if someone got double tapped and had to run back from camp and inadvertently pulled a pack of mobs up to us.

We downed the tentacles, we downed the bear, and when we got to the last boss we wiped and we realized (idk how we didnt notice earlier) we had 1 healer the entire time and he was using void gauntlet primarily because he thought we had other healers as well. so with 11 ppl, 2 tanks, 1 heals we were able to clear pools.

Sirens and Mines was a steam roll. the mobs hit harder and were harder to kill but we still did it in a timely manner and without hiccups now that we had 2-3 healers with us.

it was getting late and we didnt have time for Myrk but i would have loved to see what it was like.

From my point of view as the tank…i havent had that much fun in a long time! managing stam, ensuring the boss’s positioning is correct, threat, bouncing threat off the secondary tank so i can heal up and get my stam back, popping potions i hardly ever used (regen, corruption)…it was a BLAST. was it harder? sure! but it was just more fun and challenging. With 2 tanks we had to communicate when to switch aggro so the main tank could regen stam and health.

The downside is the rewards werent there…the cost of repairs wasnt quite worth it, the number of pots i had to use overall was high and hardly got replaced through drops.

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