Elites are controlling entire servers

I can only assume this was not design intent. Most servers seem to have one company that controls all war activity within the server. These are often the companies that got out ahead and, accumulated large sums of money at the launch of the game.

These companies are now paid to either participate or not participate in wars. If they participate, they will win due to better gear and honestly higher skill. Many of these players have 100’s of wars they have participated in. My guess is that if this trend continues, more and more will become disenfranchised and leave the game.

In my opinion, the top companies on any server should not be allowed to participate in any wars other than those that are their own companies. I also think that there should be no cross-faction participation in wars.

AGS, you may have other ideas, and hopefully you are already aware of this trend.


ofc they are, server cap is 2000 and now with the game being dead 1000 players peak on the most pop’d servers and 600-800 mid time and it’s just the last remaining same players on each server since the only new players are bots.

There is a lot of talk about how a large group of skilled and well equipped players fight in wars to basically control the map for their own faction, other factions, or whichever companies they feel fit, regardless of their faction.

This has created a funnel of power and exuberant amount of money to basically ~50 people who can control territories. With PvP being such a large portion of the game a major majority of players are completely annexed from participating in such events.

I propose a “mercenary cooldown”. If you wish to fight in an opposing factions war, win or lose, you will receive a cooldown that blocks you from being enlisted in another warboard for a set amount of time.

This mercenary cooldown will make companies strategically choose who they are willing to bench and who they’re willing to play in order to keep control of territories. This will also force companies to build and fill their own roster with people capable of holding claims. Opposing factions can push territories simultaneously in order to claim wars very close to each other, increasing the level of strategy between factions.

The whole point is for wars to be the best of the best, you are fighting for a revenue source. Which makes it a very competitive environment, Wars are supposed to be exclusive. It sucks but its true and IMO its good that way. Wars are not for casuals they are for people that prove them selves and get accepted. OPR and hopefully soon arenas are for everyone though. Although I would like to see a matchmaking mode like OPR but its War no gains just Practice and PVP Reward Caches.

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Wars have always been available to a minority even when it wasn’t outright being exploited.
And now Settlement owners are controlling who will War against them and when. This is not PvP, this is match-fixing.

@Zin_Ramu @Luxendra @Lane The Settlement system is a total failure of exploitation from day 1. It’s overdue to remove it.

Just limit the amount of wars you can join in any way. Our most dominant company started to create sub-companies to avoid the overlapping war times before months. They can easily hold 5 settlements.

That shouldnt be possible. At least force them, to pay mercenarie companies to them.

To make amends for that, we need some new pvp content, yeah… But its really urgent to take care of this.

The actual system still supports “win team joining” and that leads to situations like that. As dominant company you just have to lose some settlements on purpose for a few days, so another faction has more settlements and everyone can join you for a few days again - even if you are already very dominant by player amount and in other ways.
Thats not a good working mechanic…

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You are very right, elites controlling servers is only fun if you are part of the elite. Another spread problem concerning this topic is, that on several Servers these Elites split their company in several chapters, each controlling a certain city, with matching Attackwindows so they can control half the map or more. That provides endless money and power to very few people so they become nearly untouchable. That is frustrating and made me even think of quitting the game.

A possible Solution, additional to the OPs suggestion might be to limit the controllable citys for each company to 2 and set a cooldown for everyone to switch a company to 5 days. Also only the company controlling the city should be allowed to defend it.

I hope at least a similar Solution will be implemented soon.

Another potential problem I’m sure they are aware about is that, after a certain point there will be almost nothing left for the mega company to buy. This means that they are going to resort to RMT or millions of gold just sits in their bank and out of the economy

Yep my server is rapidly dying due to our predatory yellow overlords that are trying to gather as much money from the server before leaving it to server hop to Camelot or somewhere else, it’s a super fun time that’s making most of the playerbase quit due to having to push pvp mission 24/7 and not being able to get everyone into wars, because they’ve turned this server into a literal fight or die scenario for the server.

Why would you limit it to two. There is no reason a company should get a declare on a territory if they already own one in my eyes. Limit it to 1

yup, thats pretty much it. For 90% of playerbase on server, there is no chance to play in war/invasion. All you can do is maybe go and earn your money with crafting, but servers are filled with bots that can steal most of the resources, so, again, no fun here.
Best you can do is to do daily elite run and thats it

Our company only holds EF + switching random cities while our partner company holds WW + BW. We could overrun our entire server but we did not (Well we did once after they started war on xmas), but since there are many companies that are trying to cheat us out (Double wars, Dirty politics, Bug abuse, Entire Aim Bot squads) we’re actually considering overrunning the entire map permanently with a bunch of twink companies.

The territory mechanics in this game are horrible, there is no way benefit in playing fair. If you actually don’t use twink companies you’re facing constant double/tripple wars. And if you’re trying to be fair, others are abusing that.

So for your own good you abuse the system.

How could AGS fix this?

  • A unobtainable NPC faction territory
  • Holiday system, guild can’t be attacked on chosen holidays, also all players in that city have 0% tax for that day (So there is no income) (To address different religions)
  • Make twink companies a banable offense, but increase the max size of a company
  • A company can have multiple regions, but the tax is scaling with their total income times the number of territories.
  • War times should be locked for 60 days.

Sounds terrible… have you tried to report all those cheaters an Aimbotters?

Respect that you and your company are still able to stand your ground against all those abusers.

But hey, go for it and claim every city, so you are on the top priority list to be merged next, so you can face some real challenge again, gl+hf

Just let them transfer to our server. ~o~

And it´s a myth that you can´t get a competitive gear without windsward or everfall.

Most “elite” companies are optimizing all the time. (gear, tactics, members, spec, experience, alliances…) Most casual companies don´t.

I just can suggest that you max out your gathering/refining cds for t5 mats, plan a gear with one perfect weapon/armor perk each, use the gear with atleast 2 good perks, optimize your weapon skills/stats.
Try to find other pvp focused players from another companies/3. faction, get allies. Don´t use only your company members for wars if they haven´t the gear and pvp focus.
Get war/pvp experience. try out different tactics. attack several territories - if possible- at the same time.


Endgame war and territory holding isn´t a casual content. Casual means in this context less pvp focused and/or less time for the game.

In War - yes, true if they’re not in a company who pushes territories. You still can have Wars if you like on most servers, the chances to win might be another story.

Invasions - Making a system where you only can set 10 people as settlement owner and the giving them a button to kick everyone is… yeah, we all know it :smiley: But it strongly depends on the community you have - for example we’re defending everfall and windsward with the setup we get. We’re not kicking other factions - we’re kicking toxic people we know and we kick people below lvl60. and if you’re afk’ing in one of our invasions you’ll get kicked too, that’s it. Last 4 invasions we won, and we made a lot of nice new acquaintances faction-wide.

And with crafting… you also can farm the trading hall if you like. Or make some quests. Or take 4 other people and enjoy a expedition or the open dungeon area with PvE.

I’m not defending NW, it’s really below most expectations and some core mechanics are not-so-well-thought, but it’s not that dark at all. Maybe, if you play a MMO alone, then yes.

We were merget to NAV server, there are some older companys that handle all server. They have one privilaged town and others are strugelling but they are keeping it. They were in beter economy situation then we have on old server. So newcommers are undergeared… and few ppl that are joining all wars are owning server without limitation. Its depressing and time consuming… we need rullez to better catchup this “OP” companys.

Yeah also gathered evidence, their csgo profile stats (All of them where somewhere in silver), and tracked their hits via video. 100% HS hitrate for 30 minutes straight.
Support told me to report them in-game and didn’t look into any evidence, the players are still there.

If you actually don’t use twink companies you’re facing constant double/tripple wars.

You mean people are pushing war on 2/3 territories at once and you complain you don’t have people to defend?
Well man, call the US President and tell him, that he can attack only one province of given country at once, another way it’s cheating! lol

Well you’re right, i think this makes me want to wage war on every city take it and change all the war times differently. :slight_smile: I’m going to give the other factions on our servers your regards.

In all seriousness, there should be a give and take. You don’t see that, which is fine, but that does not mean that double wars where one war is “empty” isn’t helpful or rather frustrating.

The rich get richer while the poor get poorer. Its like life only you do it for…fun?