Elysian Member Admits Everfall Governor Sells Coin Online

lol cringe

look who commented first to one another… odd how I’M the one harassing when you ping my name to lie more about not exploiting or getting money from AGS under their nose.


more lies… I was never banned nor did I witch hunt. I just stated the truth, quite literally. which in itself is harassment by slandering my name as if I’ve done something wrong to get banned. smh… how many rules in ToS will you break before you understand it’s not right.


My bad, I assumed you got banned since it was your thread that got closed for witch hunting. I apologize for being wrong on that ONE point. Let me rephrase. You SHOULD get a ban for harassments in multiple threads including the ones you create in some lame attempt to get us banned for clearly bait reasons. Not to mention each one of your threads is classified by the CM and the forum ToS as witch hunting. So I do HOPE you get banned for constantly posting bullshit and harassing us anytime any one of us posts. Anyway, im done with this thread, keep talking to yourself, it will be fun. #inb43replies

You know exactly what happened… it was closed because they banned the real problem, pokiW.

You mean the ways in which the ToS was broke by pokiW and/or Elysian? oh… odd… Now you’re mad at it being uncovered to the public?

ofc you would hope I get banned. I’m going against you in a matter of structural integrity for New Worlds sake. either they win or we all lose, so I’m on NW side, I’m on AGS side to keep it’s streets clean :wink:

Remember, there is no witch hunt… we’ve already found them, no need to hunt them when they come in our front yard. if you or “pokiW” never came in here to defend you guys from getting caught cheating ON TWITCH EVEN, then you guys would just be disappearing and wondering why.

This isn’t a witch hunt, it’s simply naming and shaming. it’s not even that old of a term.

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This isn’t a witch hunt, it’s simply naming and shaming. it’s not even that old of a term.

See you broke ToS and you readily admit it. How cute

I thought you were done typing? This is simply naming and shaming… it is what it is. I however didn’t ever lie or cover up what I’ve done. You have, and your alt account is banned for exploiting yet again, and here we are yet again in another thread where there is more proof of pokiW breaking more ToS… What defense will you try next to cover up that this thread is about someone exploiting AGS for USD?

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My account is banned? Which one is that again?

Who are you again?

man imagine doing this publicly…

like you fell for the obv. bait and then made a THREAD about how you took the bait.

omg stop witch hunting me@! @Luxendra Deal with him!!

Kinda sus.

Real sus.

You are such a child lmao XD


Aww poor guy its gonna be ok

I remember my first day on the internet.

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If this is true @Luxendra kindly tell the devs I’m not interested in being an unpaid coin farmer for someone’s illicit RMT business through playing the game and paying settlement taxes.

Fundamental game systems need to be changed.


:slight_smile: I love how easy it is.

Welcome back. lol

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