Ember Is recruiting (East Fresh Start-Myrodin)

• Company name: Ember
• World/Server Name: Myrodin (If guildies fall through, we’re willing to move to 4th wave)
• Time Zone: PST
• Focus: PVP/Territory, also interest in Dungeons and M10’s
• Additional Information:

Ember is a hardcore gaming guild that’s been around for years and has held competition in multiple games. From being the top of leaderboards in Eve, Archage, and still to this day a top guild in Lost Ark since launch. We will be returning to new world for the fresh start servers and plan to gain a territory day 1. This comes with min max strats that our members are running at this moment to get to that point as fast as possible.

We have plans laid out to get everyone leveled the first day, with events multiple times a week, updated roster, and much more planned to provide success to our members. If you’re interested head over to our discord EMBER

Joining instructions-
->Join discord
→ select New world applicant role
->Go to the applicant channel and follow instructions there.
(Feel free to message a New world Officer, Synthetic, or Omniceye for help.

Guild requirements are as follows:
• Speak and understand English
• Communication through Discord (Mic Required)
• Actively play and participate with the guild
• Follow the path that lets you have the most fun
• 18+