Embezzlement is an actual strategy? WTF

Who ever thought that giving players control over money flow was a good idea? On my server Embezzlement is an actual game strategy where a company gets control of a key territory, milks it for taxes for a couple weeks, and then empties the treasury and flees to another server.

I just don’t understand how we have so many horrible aspects of real life in this game…smh.

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Some Companies literally planned this strategy during the lag exploitation and invincibility cheats.
And when AGS prioritized Transfers instead of banning cheaters, they gave the cheaters exactly what they needed to escape with the coin they ultimately got from cheating.

@Luxendra There is still zero confirmation from the devs that cheaters who used lag exploitation and invincibility cheats were banned. And still no compensation for all the players who unfairly lost territory or got their entire server griefed by these Companies.
A lot of players know what happened, know who did it – and know that AGS hasn’t done anything at all to promote Fair Play in this case.

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