Embossed Wrapping for Axe of the Abyss

Hi,I read many posts about it, and would like confirmation that this in-game item can be dropped.
I had farming for a while and can’t find anything. was it really added into the game?

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Would you be so kind to share what posts are you exactly talking about

Hi! i’m talking about All the posts with my same problem

this for example

are we sure about this? I read several conflicting opinions about it in that forum post, is there any reliable data on this object?

100k People in the Game, not one of the Legy Weapon crafted on Market.
Not one spoted the Item and posted in Forum/Reddit/Youtube etc.
And you still claim it’s ingame?

I was actually quoting the beginning of when the thread was taken by a cs agent, so the other conversation could be checked out from the top

I got Embossed Wrapping drop today. Not sure if it was fixed as part of the latest “Into the Void” patch or if I just got super lucky.

They had mentioned this is a bug they’re aware of in the Dev Blog on Nov 12, 2021

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Where did you get it to drop??

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Def wanna know where me amigo i have been around every “known” or suggested location like a mad man for 2hrs straight

Pretty sure it dropped after a few hours of farming the elites in Reekwater north of Siren’s Stand. The like maze of bridges area. We had like 10 or so folks going in circles killing so it went pretty fast.

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It should be fixed from what I hear :slight_smile:

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Can confirm 1x Embossed Wrapping 1x Counterbalance tooday

Mind sharing where?

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