Embossed Wrapping not found in game?

As far as I know noone ever drop it.
Not in any server.
There is a ton of posts talking about this bug.
Even with the service reply I don’t think this is in the game.

you cant drop this rn.
The Bug is also already on the known issues list (Known Issues - New World)

There are plenty threads about this bug in this forum and its still not fixed for some weeks.

Keep us updated mate

Exactly… Even by accident, if it was in the game, someone somewhere should have dropped it.

I honestly think that @Kryptid was mistaken.

I saw someone wanting to sell an “etched handguard” yesterday on my server. They definitely drop. He said he got it from the Edengrove region

did he link the item or was he just typing?

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He linked it to me @keita.timeleap

I still haven’t seen an embossed wrapping yet though

I am still waiting for someone to post a link here to an in-game proof of any of these weapons crafted or the material itself before I believe it.

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why deleted? was that not embossed wrappling?

I should have edited instead delete. But yes, I made a mistake, it was another item, so disregard.

In the last dev post they say :

“We are aware that some rare materials needed for crafting legendary items are dropping at very low rates. These include Beeswax, Runic Thread, Etched Handguard, Embossed Wrapping, and Empowered Counterbalance. We have an upcoming patch that will address most of these items and Beeswax will be addressed in a later update.”

So they don’t say items are not in the game, but have really, really low chances to drop.

Could this be the truth?

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Can you link the post please?

Some people are very lazy… It’s the last dev blog post…

here you go…


my bad, I thought it was a longer discussion thread, not a dev blog.

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there have been multiple official answers, the most common is that it drops from specific enemies in abandoned camps and has a stupidly low drop rate… something around 0.0000021

How come they didnt say anything about the enchanted bow string or the intricate firearm lock? They only listed specific ones when they’re all obviously not dropping. If those are dropping as intended then that’s nuts

I got embossed wrapping from tuskgore in restless shore yesterday. I’m pretty sure it was from a loot bag drop, and not from skinning. I didn’t notice I got it right away.

I landed one in eternal today. had full void armor and 3 bags with luck.

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