Employees leaving the chat after a long Conversation

I know that this is not for the formus but still look at this conversation with me and a game specialist 1h long convestion

You are now connected to Venkata Abhishek from
Me [9:08:41 PM] : Issue: New World - Account: Account Linking
Me [9:08:45 PM] : Hello
Venkata Abhishek [9:08:55 PM] : Hello, my name is Venkata Abhishek. I’m here to help you today.
Me [9:09:04 PM] : So my brother have been using family share and for some reason he can no longer play the game i have read on the formus that those are some anti cheating measures. However we have never done such a thing we would like you to enable us to family share since when i bought the game those were one of the options and thats why i even consider buying the game. You can just check and see we have never abused the system , so please make the for our account shareable again . In case comply i would want you to give me a full refund to my card , since those were one of the features when i bought the game and its extremly easy for you to check that nor me or my brother have ever abused it. Looking forward to your reply. Thank you in advance
Me [9:09:26 PM] : Can you please tell me how much this is gonna take or please check my account
Venkata Abhishek [9:09:49 PM] : Please allow me 3-4 minutes while I review the above correspondence.
Me [9:09:56 PM] : okay
Venkata Abhishek [9:11:02 PM] : Please allow me a minute while I connect you to our Amazon Games Specialists team and they’ll be able to help you with this.
An agent will be back with you soon.
You are now connected to Brayan A from.
Me [9:11:24 PM] : Hello
Brayan A [9:11:44 PM] : Hello, my name is Bryan A. Please give me a moment to review the previous correspondence.
Brayan A [9:14:27 PM] : Thank you so much for being so patient. I am really sorry to hear the issues you are having with family sharing
Me [9:14:53 PM] : so can you work it out
Brayan A [9:15:14 PM] : Allow me a moment to check my information
Me [9:15:53 PM] : Take your time and thank you so much for your cooparition
Brayan A [9:18:55 PM] : Thanks for your time
Brayan A [9:19:59 PM] : I was confirming here the information. Based on some decisions the family sharing was disabled and is no longer available:
Brayan A [9:19:59 PM] : .(See full link)
Me [9:20:16 PM] : please or check my account to see i havent abused the duping and its not fair for me to get punished for that reason
Brayan A [9:20:25 PM] : Of course Amazon is looking for an option but as of the moment we need to wait
Me [9:20:40 PM] : and its so unfair since when i bought the game it said family share was i thing
Me [9:21:17 PM] : and if you cant do that i will want refund since i didnt abuse it
Me [9:22:05 PM] : and on top of that its already been 3 days
Brayan A [9:22:14 PM] : Ok let me confirmed if your account is banned
Me [9:22:37 PM] : its not banned
Me [9:22:49 PM] : i can play the game cause the family sharing is disabled
Brayan A [9:24:18 PM] : Remember this a temporary update. Our developers are looking for a solution of family sharing
Me [9:24:35 PM] : but that means i cant play the game
Me [9:24:51 PM] : in that case transfer my level 60 charcther into my main account
Me [9:25:04 PM] : the account that my brother plays on
Brayan A [9:25:28 PM] : Unfortunately we are unable to move characters between account
Me [9:25:55 PM] : in that case fix my family share or give me my money back
Me [9:26:29 PM] : we gave 4 options and you still say no to everything give me my family share back
Me [9:26:35 PM] : that really unacceptable
Brayan A [9:27:07 PM] : We can send feedback, with a ticket. I know they are looking for a solution. And New World is not refundable
Me [9:27:42 PM] : Well that means that you lied and the game is family shared
Me [9:27:51 PM] : in that case we can sue you
Brayan A [9:30:48 PM] : Family sharing has been disabled temporary, to improve game experience
Me [9:31:30 PM] : Well that not my problem i want to play the game as advirstised
Me [9:31:44 PM] : i never broke your TOS so why should i be punshied
Me [9:31:54 PM] : punished*
Brayan A [9:32:33 PM] : Allow me moment
Me [9:33:05 PM] : no worries take you time
Brayan A [9:40:47 PM] : Did you purchased the game from Amazon]?
Me [9:40:55 PM] : No from Steam
Brayan A [9:45:13 PM] : Thanks
Brayan A [9:47:17 PM] : Based on the information. This decision has been taken due to bots. If you are using family sharing in the correct way. Soon there are going to be additional steps that you can take to get access again to Family sharing. But as of the moment that is all the information that we have
Me [9:48:12 PM] : If i cannot play the game now how are you gonna compensate me
Me [9:48:32 PM] : since i havent broken the TOS and i am just beign stopped from playing the game
Brayan A [9:48:55 PM] : That information will be shared once we have updates about it
Me [9:49:16 PM] : i dont care about the update i wanna play now
Me [9:49:46 PM] : how are you gonna compensate me for my brother no beign to play the game
Me [9:50:13 PM] : I havent broken a single TOS so this is unacceptable
Brayan A [9:50:40 PM] : And also remember that you have purchased the game from steam
Me [9:50:42 PM] : i want a compensation for me not beign able to play the game since i havent played anything wrong
Me [9:51:04 PM] : its not steam who are stopping family share its you
Brayan A [9:53:16 PM] : I as told you, some updates will be available soon. But as of right now we cannot take any more actions
Brayan A [9:53:21 PM] : Sorry
Me [9:53:43 PM] : then i want compensation in some kind of way
Me [9:54:06 PM] : like an in store currency
Me [9:54:32 PM] : beacsue you are not letting me play the game for unspecified amount of time
Brayan A [9:54:55 PM] : I understand your frustration. However but the game was not purchased from Amazon directly
Brayan A [9:55:16 PM] : You can contact steam for additional information
Me [9:55:24 PM] : since you guys are stopping the game its not steams problem its yours
Brayan A [9:55:55 PM] : You have access to the game. You already confirm that.
Me [9:56:14 PM] : family share does not work
Brayan A [9:56:23 PM] : https://forums.newworld.com/t/notice-fa…(See full link)
Me [9:56:25 PM] : so my brother doesnt have acsess
Me [9:57:38 PM] : there is no point of linking forum posts since you cannot give me a time table .
Me [9:57:45 PM] : in that case i want to be compensated
Me [9:57:50 PM] : i want my brother to be compensated
Me [9:58:13 PM] : once again its not steams fault its your fault
Brayan A [9:58:17 PM] : I am sorry, this is out of my hands. You can summit feedback on the game and also on forums. But I am unable to take any more actions. If you have any other questions I would be more than glad to assist you. If not I will be disconnecting this chat
Me [9:59:05 PM] : if its out of your hands redirect me to someone who can help me
Me [9:59:21 PM] : beacuse this is unacceptable i havent broken any TOS
Me [9:59:36 PM] : or compensate me with store currency
Me [9:59:50 PM] : since once again its your fault not my fault
Brayan A [10:00:34 PM] : I am the last point of contact here.
Me [10:01:19 PM] : you mean to tell you that you dont have supervisors
Me [10:01:33 PM] : beacuse i am pretty sure thats not true
Me [10:01:48 PM] : and you are lying to me right now
Me [10:02:39 PM] : you said your self that its out of your hands that mean that there is someone who can help me thats higher than you :>
Brayan A [10:05:00 PM] : I am a Game Specialist. I am the last point of contact that you can have here
Me [10:05:36 PM] : so you refuse to help me and you refuse the compensate me is that correct
Brayan A [10:08:04 PM] : I already provide you with all the information. Until further notice there are no additional steps we can take. You need to wait once is is available again and if were you were using it right you can get access. Besides this, Can I help you with something else?
Me [10:08:54 PM] : so you are confirming that you are refusing to compensate me or to help me considering i am not breaking the TOS
Brayan A [10:10:11 PM] : Thanks for contacting Amazon Games!
Me [10:10:43 PM] : i am not finished
Me [10:10:43 PM] : here
Me [10:11:06 PM] : you need to tell me if you are refusing to compensate me considering i have not broken the TOS
Brayan A [10:11:12 PM] : There is not additional information I can provide you right now. If there is another topic you would like to talk about it, I can assist you. If not I will be disconnecting this chat
Me [10:12:19 PM] : so you are gonna close this chat even though my problem has not been fixed and i will not be compensated for something your company did considering i did not break the TOS
Brayan A has left the conversation

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Honestly I would have left too, you bought the game for yourself and didn’t like it and instead of getting a refund kept it for your brother to use via family share.

That’s on you for making such a poor decision…you should have refunded the game when it was still possible and gifted the game to your brother via a new purchase.

Or am i mistaking your with someone else that posted about this saying he didn’t care for the game but kept it for his brother to use?

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thats not the problem the problem is that i left my brother play the game which i dont have a problem with i dont care if they refund or not i just want to be able to play the game well not me but my brother

and it was not possible since i pre purchased the game and i couldnt refund it after realse since it was over 2 months

No preorders are refundable, the timer on steam refunds is on game release not date that you pre ordered.

it said i couldnt refund the game since i bought it long ago and i had 0 hours on the game :>

i even made a steam ticket about it

You have to contact steam directly and explain it was a pre order etc.

Last I checked before they put out the new TOS steam even refunded peeps that had like over 100hrs due to various issues the game had.

Your window now is probably past though.

dude that really not possible i can even show you a reply

It’s too late for you though, this is why they made everyone agree to a new TOS.

You are just going to have to wait till they sort out family share or move on imo.

Pretty sure you would have no legal grounds to sue lol. The ToS of most online games basically states you almost have no rights to the degree of you not even having ownership of the game you have purchased, as they are allowed to remove your access for any or no reason at all in most cases.
Amazon is a well founded company, pretty sure there games ToS which you have agreed to would allow them to remove your access for no reason at all.

Hello @Streetbl8s
I am very sorry for this situation, you can always check the refund policy here:


And what Bryan told you was indeed right, you have not been penalized or no action has been taken against you for breaking the TOS, in this case, the family share was disabled due to the following:

“This decision was not taken lightly and for players who utilize family sharing for a valid reason, we will update this post with instructions for assistance.”
Please wait for the update regarding this.

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You needed to learn to read.
There was nothing they could do for you.

Cheaters and exploiters have ruined this and so many other aspects of the game.
Now more and more are abusing the Free Transfers to embezzle funds from the servers they are leaving.
They need to cancel the Free Transfers too.

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An hour!?!? I would have left after 20 minutes

Honestly I’m surprised he didn’t leave sooner either you entitled pos, grow up. The world doesn’t revolve around you and your brother.

(9:27:51) you can’t sue no one for nothing, grow up lol.

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