Empowered Perk on Amulett doesnt work!

Atleast it won’t increase the Duration of empowered Meteor Shower ( Standard 10 Seconds )


The empowered perk does work and it works on shirking empower and keenly empowered. Empowering meteor shower has a base duration of 10s and a max duration of 10s.

“Empower you apply lasts 30% longer”

why shouldnt it work for it?

there is no word about max duration on the perk either

Yup, ags fails to communicate max durations

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weirdly tho, it works for omnidirectional evade. putting it from 2 sec, to 3 sec…^^

@Centeotl can u send this over?

Same thing is happening with a few other empowers to include GA’s Greed. Definitely needs to be looked at across the board


daily bump

Thanks for the bump and discussion and sorry for the late reply. I’ll get this over to the team.

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Thanks for letting us know this has been happening here too.

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appreciate it. ty

No problem!

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best mod :slight_smile: