Empty Chests on chest run

Has anyone experienced empty chests in high level areas?
On Midguard chest run, I do the whole lap, Palace, mines, myrk, melovance and forecastle. I am finding that 1 in 10 chests I open are blank, nothing in them, no notification and nothing in inventory…

I was wondering if anyone else was seeing a similar issue?


I haven’t had this happen. I will keep an eye out here to see if other players are having this issue.

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This is a very old issue. Happens to me pretty often. I’m not sure if it is just a notification bug, because I never compared my inventory before/after.


this is an old issue… i confirm this… this bug exists at least 3 months…

If you haven’t had this happen, you aren’t playing. This has been an issue for months.

Can confirm, happens super frequently with small chests.

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Happens a lot. Been that way for many months.

It is just a visual bug. I check my inventory every time this happens. There’s always an additional craft mod or something in my inventory. The best one was an empty chest and when I checked my inventory, it gave me a loaded dice.

It is not just a visual bug. I have had practically empty inventory and had this happen. I got nothing. This also use to happen with critter motes.

Never once has been anything but visual for me. Sucks to be you then.

Yes, the old “its never happened to me therefor it doesnt happen.” Not really, its just less junk I would have to clear out of my bag anyhow. Not a huge issue to me.

Literally all I do is chest runs and craft. I bet I’m in the top 5 percent of people to have opened chests. The fact that it’s just visual for me is much more that a coincidence. You probably got arrows or bullets in your empty ones you tracked and conveniently forgot these can be the only rewards. Don’t come at me bro

I play bow. I would notice crappy arrows and cartridges in my inventory. I would notice anything different in my inventory because I keep it clean. If I get a dead box, I look. Im not stupid so don’t come at me either bro.

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can confirm

often get the most brutal crates and caches of all

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Thanks for the reply plys guys, I thought I was going insane. This has been bugging me for weeks, it’s nice to know that it’s not only me with this issue… Many thanks

Yep happens to me every day

Yep I can confirm this is still happening, was offline for 48 hours, came on did siren and mines and I had multiple empty chests :frowning:

I dunno how its not known issue, this bug have been here since relese. Not 1 in 10 chest tho more like 1 in 50+

and its small caches most of the time, had empty big chest only couple times

this has been happening since launch if AGS played it would know