Enable Color Coding for Healing Ground Effects

Good day developers!

May I request to have option to change color of healing ground effects…

  1. Sacred Ground skill
  2. Beacon skill


Allies healing effect color = blue

Enemy healing effect color = red

It will be better for the team to know that there is healing sacred ground for them…

Iknow some players here experience that they went to the healing circle… and die… because its from enemy… :smile:

If this possible
Can i add also color coding option for other skill also…

  1. Ice storm - ig
  2. Gravitywell - Ga
  3. Oblivion - void
  4. Ice shower - ig
    (Comment: i play IG… sometimes when i used this to stop ememy. Some allies are not sure its safe to push or not because they dont know if that was from allies or from enemy)

Hope I can get a feedback… thank you!



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