Enclaves, Factions and PvP Zones!

In my 4000 or so hours of New World game play, My primary focus was on PvE! However recently I’ve been getting into PvP more and more with the huge updates the Dev team has been coming out with - I wondered if there was a way to utilize some of the newer features put in like the Faction Enclaves - Stunning areas with little use, The PvP Track and the slightly dated faction influence missions! (For now?) and this is what I came up with

Faction Enclaves

  • Add the same stations as each of the settlements
  • Add life style buffs (that follow the same limits as settlements)
  • Utilize a voting system PvP players who earn PvP Track XP/Push faction influence gain voting influence
  • Allow this voting influence to direct which upgrades are done in what order & what buffs are put up
  • Everyone is flagged at all times whilst inside this area

Enclave Wars/Raids

  • Waiting 90 seconds outside of forts/random areas is boring, often risk free and tedious. If instead you were to wait near an enemy enclave where all enemies present are PvP flagged, it would add a sense of danger!
  • Sneaking or Brute forcing your way into an enemy enclave to steal hidden documents would be way more entertaining than running to a randomly placed box in a forest to grab an asset before dropping it off! Grab it and run back to your own enclave instead!
  • Once either of these have been done enough allow opposing factions to declare a raid/invasion (Think PvP Invasion downgrades and all) but should the opposing team put you into conflict it could put a state of double offensive into play!
  • Singular Offensives : Fight enclave to enclave (Warcamp to Warcamp) for 30 minutes just like a war!
  • Double Offensives : Should neither side emerge victorious before the 30 minutes is up the conflict resolves - no downgrades at this time for either side. If one side is victorious the opponents Enclave downgrades!

Territory Ownership

  • Take the free item carts found in settlements and add them to enclaves, increase the amount/rarity of the items found within based on how many territories a faction governs (or how many offensive raids they win!)

Fort Buffs

  • It takes PvP players to capture forts so make fort bonuses PvP Flagged only!

Encouraging Enclave usage!

In my eyes this would bring back meaning to the following systems

  • Faction V Faction V Faction system
  • Practical enclave usage
  • PvP Specific zones with high risk high reward