End game , feeling lost, without a goal

Hello guys im 60 like 2 weeks now ? and im 570 general expertise 600gs, and as the title says im feeling pretty lost to what to do how to get better gear, i wear the cheapest 600 armor from tp alongside with some 590 named that dropped to me, i like expenditions (but the most time we get wiped at regular and there is 1 lobby at best at regular) and i like pvp and raids i like a lot of stuff but this game seems to fuck me in every contet, in pvp i feel weak i end up 40 out of 42 in expenditions wiped, chest runs are so boring for me, i cant find a way to progress game get stronger have fun… i need help with my gear idk what all those perks are and i feel like they dont make an impact, all talk about BiS i dont know where things drop, i dont have crafting leveled, and in tp the good stuff i think its 10.000 and my overall gold is 30,000 and even there idk what do get all gear looks the same to me, i play Gs, Bow, Rapier, Spear, Hatcher, but every combo feels underhelming, and can u help me with my attributes at my current state ? i must take more con at expenditions ? take more dex at pvp ? HELP :frowning:

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I just played so much to get here non stop (351 hours ) since im free this time, just to become strong and have fun being stong in this game, and i ended up nowhere, im feeling burned and nothing fun to do, they must do something about this, or i need help for someone here

10000000 Percent agree. Re read the initial reply. lol

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Βro i don’t wanna kill myself this is not the solution im looking for xD i have this solution in my mind years , anything else ? somewhere to get this BiS shit ? xD

And i dont comment in top of that, the game loads veeery slow for me and everytime somethings loads in game (fast travel, join outpost , join invasion, start the game) and in top of that all the time afk kick (BECAUSE SORRY WHE HAVE A HUMAN LIFE TOO AND WE CHANGE TAB TO CATCH A BREATH BUT NOOOO AFK KICK, LOAD FOR 10 MINUTES AGAIN, LAG IN THE CITIES) and in top of that so many bugged quests, in top of that so many bugged areas that u get stuck in the fucking rocks, and in top of that i have to figure out amongside 10000 perks what the fuck to put in slot to have 0000,01% precent stronger armor


This game has ZERO content.



To read shit like this and see “dad” in your username helps me to understand why so many people are the way they are…fucked up.


Did you take advantage of the GS600 armor patterns from the winter event? You don’t need your armoring leveled up to use them and you can make a full set of 600, legendary corrupted ward gear. It’s a big opportunity, don’t waste it!

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This is New World’s end game, a jumbled mess, perks that don’t work in PvE, different ward requirements, terrible RNG (drops/crafting), expensive BIS items and so on.

My suggestion is play something else until they get things sorted out, if they ever do…


There two paths in New World to get gear to be competitive in this game’s PvP.

A.) You grind dungeons for many hundreds if not thousands of hours to get the gear.

B.) You wait for a ban wave and right after buy gold and boosting services from RMT vendors. Then use that to get better gear and level up said gear to competitive status.


70% of NW population are bots and gold sellers (which they ban 1 or 2 times a month in a ban wave) (gold seller/buyer wont get banned eventhough you provide screenshot and report them)
15% are casual players
10% are pvp/warlogger
5% are wondering what to do but log in anyway

and yes i tagged yall @Aenwyn @Delakron @Kay


Any other game like this suggestion ? i have played Lost Ark is even worse, and i dont like paying subcriptions montly

Bait topic.
Your OP is just like those ridiculous ads.
“Oohh, it’s so hard to take a shower without falling”
“+100 years or -500 years. I’ll go with -500 ofc!”

If you want to complain about lack of end-game that’s one thing I can agree with.
But coming here like "what’s a good weapon? What’s a good stat? What’s a good perk? I just die on 40/42 expeditions…
This last one cracks me up, as regular expeditions are mostly doable as 2-3 man casually.
Stop being a crybaby, either do your research, join a group or get out to play simpler things

Part of the issue here is that there is no real competitive endgame content. Raids do not exist (yet, coming soon) and end game ranked pvp is coming (sooner).

For this reason the progression really is only there in m10s.

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That’s when you start to do Expeditions to get better gear.

Use this

New World Items, Page 1 - New World Database (nwdb.info)

You don’t need to. I made over 100k gold without leveling any of my trade skills. The less you invest, the more money you have as a new player.

You need to accept one thing: Most players use bow/hatchet because they are bad players. If you want to be accepted in a dungeon and learn the mechanics, play as a tank or a healer. At the very least, if you want to play as dps, hatchet/spear is a strong build. That being said, your armor choice should be medium/light. I don’t recommend full light if you don’t have ward on your gear, but if you are skilled, you shouldn’t have problems with light in dungeons.

Once you reach 600 GS on all your gear, go for 200 str, 200 dex and 100 con. With food you should reach these numbers.

Slayer of Enemies - Item - New World Database (nwdb.info)

This spear will carry you through dungeons until you get to mutations. You can get it by doing a quest chain in Brimstone sands, use the link mentioned above to check what quests you need to do.

Bonechopper - Item - New World Database (nwdb.info)

This hatchet will also provide you with good damage in dungeons. You can farm it in Mangled Heights. People on my server do this elite run at least twice a day.

Elite runs are boring, but you can get some good items from them and make loads of gold. I recommend only doing the elite runs in Brimstone Sands. It’s faster and if you drop a golden scarab you can sell it for a lot. You also get some good named items from the named monsters.

You barely started your adventure. Research, set a goal and work to reach it. That’s how I have fun in the game. It’s not easy and it’s not always fun, but it works


I just noticed your latest reply. You strike me like the type of player that wants to jump right into the action. This is not that type of game. You might like World of Tanks or Moba games where you just open the game and jump into battle.

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I would venture to say more like…

60% of NW population are bots and gold sellers (which they ban 1 or 2 times a month in a ban wave) (gold seller/buyer wont get banned eventhough you provide screenshot and report them)
10% are casual players
10% are pvp/warlogger
20% are wondering what to do but log in anyway


I could reply about your specifics and about the slow umbral shard grind to get several sets of gear to 625 from 600 but I won’t.

The problem with this game is that it has a short lifespan of satisfaction and it becomes a grind that you log into just to do daily grinds without ever really getting that much more powerful as a result.

I mean there are so-called “horizontal progression” things to do at the end like leveling new weapons for a totally different build but that is never as rewarding as continuing to improve your one, chosen, main build.

If you’re honest with yourselves you’d admit that we play these games primarily for the vertical progression and once that either stops or slows down to a crawl so does our enjoyment of the gameplay.

I lasted 3 months in the fall/winter of 2021 and I’m just about done this time around too on a FSS at around the same time mark.

I mean… MMO "end-game: is like this in most of them but at least in the others, even though the vertical advancement is very slow in the end game, it’s tangible as you measure yourself against encounters and mob types.

Some MMOs do it with gear and some (ESO for example) do it with a Diablo 3 Paragon-like system of nearly endless passives that do indeed slowly make you more powerful.

it’s really hard to feel that in this game past GS 600 with reasonably good gear and that is where for me it starts to get boring and makes this grind feel pointless.

Anyway… it’s pretty obvious that the enjoyment window for this game is short not just for me as evidenced by the recent drastic drop in concurrency… again.


I am having allot of fun in Destiny 2 (900+ hours), it’s my go to game right now. There is loads of solo content and if you want to group there are dungeons and raids. The game is getting a new expansion/update very soon. There’s an optional battle pass which will cost you about $10 for 3 months other than that you just have the buy the expansions.

Other games you could consider is Lord of the Rings Online, The Elder Scrolls Online, Star Wars the Old Republic, DCUO, Everquest 2, GW2. All of these have optional subs except GW2 but a sub is not absolutely necessary to play.

You can also check out this website it shows which games are currently being played although you will have to so your own research to see what each game is about: https://www.hypeordead.com/


ESO without ESO Plus is a nightmare because of the amount of crafting mats it drops on you. And double bank space is almost impossible to pass up. Plus with ESO Plus you get all of the minor DLCs.

Also ESO without Fan made GUI Mod is a Horror, too

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