End game , feeling lost, without a goal

Agreed, I refuse to play ESO because of this annoyance but it’s still playable

I personally wouldn’t call it an annoyance. I’m currently spending $15/month on FFXIV sub plus an extra $15/month on retainers. So having to spend $15 for a month on a sub is hardly unreasonable.

The reason I don’t currently play ESO, is because the PvP scene in that game is almost as dead as New World’s PvP scene. And the openworld PvE scene is just too easy for my tastes. I’ve have completed many of the Vet Hardmore Speed-run dungeons and trials in that game.

The truth is they can´t do anything about you playing nonstop for 351 hours and burning out. This is the exact reason why you feel burned out and lost, you play too much.

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The reason I dislike sub’s is that I tend to play multiple MMO’s over various months and having to sub to each one gets expensive ($15 American is about $25 Canadian)

Once I’m subbed to a game I feel like if I don’t log in to play that I’m ripping myself off, it just feels bad. If they included the crafting bag/bank slots for free to play I’d be playing it for sure.

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I love the large passive tree’s like Everquest 2, ESO, D3 have. It feels like you’re always making some form of progress once you have the gear you want.

Considering bots don´t sleep how do you explain that NW has the same peak/plateau ratio as many single player games? You can easily check that on Steamcharts.

You know how games filled with bots look like? Check Lost Ark :slight_smile:

Maybe you should stop posting false data. There are bots, ofc, but its nowhere near other popular games. You know why? Because bots go where they can profit the most, they need customers. The more players play a certain game the more profittable it is for bots.

I’ve played New World for over 1100 hours and still didn’t feel like I was close to BIS for just one build. The games RNG is terrible and the requirements like wards (pve) and resilience (pvp) make it so you need multiple sets of gear and this is without a gear management system like most games have.

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In my opinion that is a bad mindset to have. I currently play BDO mainly, FFXIV, and GW2 on the side.

I personally look at it like if I can get at least 1 hour per $2 of satisfying entertainment. Then I’m perfectly fine. I mean taking my friends to dinner one time cost more than $40 after tips.

I personally rather spend $60/month on BDO and $30/month on FFXIV and have great fun. Then to play a budget studio lackluster pay once and done game. Between BDO and FFXIV in the past week I’ve spent about 25 hours of being highly entertained.

Meanwhile in New World, yeah you don’t have to pay anymore. But the quality of service is severely lacking compared to the other two. Even the B2P GW2 has much better gaming service then New World in my opinion. So again, I personally don’t mind paying.


I dont mind subbing if it’s just one game, I do prefer to support the game I’m playing but I still have a problem when it comes to paying multiple subs. And I think if I get more than 1 hour per $1 of entertainment it’s a good bargain.

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