End game progression update really screws crafters

As a crafter I’m very upset hearing the news that all of my gear will be reduced to a near worthless state (I know its not permanent and increases in gs with expertise). My big problem with the suggested change is, as a crafter, I have spent 100s of hours grinding my professions and spending big sums of money to upgrade crafting trophies in order to craft myself my own legendary gear of all kinds.

I understand that some players hit level 60 and they buy from the market or their friends craft them high gs items and they bypass the endgame progression loop, but I have put in as much work if not more than any player with full 600HWM.

Having some players who played until this point the “correct way” (increasing WM) keep their effective gs and others who played the “incorrect way” (crafting) lose it all the way to 500 seems very unfair to me.

In the world the update suggests, I as a crafter, after having already put in by far enough work to be rewarded with my 600gs items, will be reduced to the level of a fresh level 60 and have to put in another few hundred hours in gameplay loops I personally find unfun.

I would suggest that you take into consideration the players who have spent so long crafting and maybe update their “expertise” to a level more deserving of the work and time they have put in.

I understand its all about rewarding the effort of players and participation in late game content, but for players like me, all you’re doing is putting me back to the start of 60 and retroactively removing the rewards I’ve earned myself. If these changes end up going through in their current state I will never touch this game again.

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