End Game PvE Armor crafting

Thoughts on what to craft for end game Armor?

im a max Armorsmith and have been stockpilling Asmo etc…
I have all legos in all spots, with about 620 avg GS

Im a PVE Tank and enjoy running mutations with a preset group - we are up to M5s mostly

The pieces im upgrading basicaly have 1 useful stat (i crafted them all, no voidbent)
most either a weapon stat I use or refreshing.
i.e pants: heavy with refreshing, a useless void Gauntlet perk, and harvesting perk

Thoughts on future crafting attempts? Should i keep trying to go with Refreshing and get lucky with another useful perk i would actually use? (expensive as animus is like 3k)

Or should I try to use some of the attunement drops to have a void/ fire % reduction

Or craft sets that resist enemy types like Ancient / angry earth?

Don’t craft. Keep stockpiling… seriously the state of crafting is so garbage right now

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yeah i get that - but im not in love with a piece of armor with 1 useable perk

I think the perfect gear for a PVE Tank is:

Perks for Armor

  • Any CDR perk (preferably Refreshing)
  • Freedom, Vigor, Invigorated, Elemental and Physical Aversion (each of these respectively on each piece of armor)
  • Any skill of your weapons.

If you are creating specific sets for each expedition, it would be nice to ignore the second suggested perk and include the Ward of each type.

Resilient is useless for PVE since monsters doesn’t crit.

Perks for sword and shield:


  • Hated (obviously)
  • Refreshing Move
  • Sturdy or Sure Footing (one in the sword, the other in the Shield)


  • Any CDR perk (preferably Refreshing)
  • Sturdy or Sure Footing (one in the sword, the other in the Shield)
  • The last Skill that you use that is missing from your armor

If you manage to craft the legendary one, the 4th perk can be any ward. If you are crafting shields for every expedition, forget about the last skill and try to get the specific Ward that you need.

Good luck crafting!

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