End spawn camping in Outpost rush. Its getting ridiculus

PvP is one thing, but most major games consider spawn point camping ‘greifing’. Please find a way to end the practice in Outpost rush, its happening in nearly every match to the point where the losing team often ends up with 0 reward.

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You can end it by not backing up the road into spawn when the enemy team is pushing up from close base. Run left or right and circle around to a point. This is what I do every time my dumb team backs up into spawn and gets camped. I try telling them, stop backing up the road you will end up camped, but instead they just complain its not fair.

Trying to fight in that situation is a bad move, you need to be trying to disengage, and not towards spawn!

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It’s a casual game mode. This could have been fixed easily with proper map lay out. Two exits that you drop down from. Or a barrier that can not be passed through.

It should have been designed like this from the start. Map designer is obviously not a pvp gamer.
But how did the entire team miss it?


I agree, it could be designed better. You can still avoid being camped for the most part though.

That doesn’t help when you join a game midway through and never get the chance to leave the gates to begin with. Problem is people get pushed back, dont want to spend the next 20 minutes getting spawn camped and quit, and then every new person that joins gets stuck where the original team failed.

Imo they need to have a barrier that only your team can pass through similar to war camps, or they should make kills in the spawn zone give 5-10x the amount of points so the game isnt just 10-20 minutes of spawn camping

Next time this happens instead of trying to fight your way out. Try avoiding and just escaping and immediately going left (lots of cover to use that way).

If I can pull this off consistently on a build with 0 movement abilities, so can you.

Mate im not even gonna try against 10 people varying ice gauntlet slows and hammer stuns. Im just gonna get a few points in and then play on my phone to collect my gold and azoth paycheck at the end

And here you have defined the actual crux of the problem.

I’ve just been part of way too many big comebacks for the win to ever give up. But I go in there with the mentality of trying to win, which obviously a lot of people just go for the rewards win or loose.

I think the crux of the problem is being put into a match thats already being spawn camped and then being told that against 10v 1 at a time to just dodge all their attacks while the rest of the team is getting killed on cooldown as well.

Its a poorly thought out system and there should either be a barrier or spawn kills should give way more points to end the match quicker. If you can dodge half the enemy team to get around behind them when you’re already being spawn camped thats great for you but obviously if your team is being spawn camped to begin with it isnt gonna make much difference if one guy gets out and then gets killed by the other 10 that are defending the outposts and spawning brutes

Well maybe its a low pop server thing. I’m on higher pop, but I’ve gotten dumped into a spawn camp in progress like twice total ever and I run it all the time.

One or two people making it out makes all the difference. If you make it out and start capping a point, they will come for it and leave spawn.

It has nothing to do with people disengaging towards spawn. They have died and are trying to get out of spawn.

How a PVP mode allowed spawn camping is beyond me. Its 101 basics of PVP not to allow spawn camping.

The other team doesn’t just all run to your spawn for no reason. It typically happens when theyve pushed back to close base then captured that as well. Then you get pushed up the road back into spawn because everyone keeps running down the road and trying to fight forward and those who haven’t died yet continue backing up toward spawn. What they should do instead of backing up the road, or running straight back from spawning, is GO WIDE.

Seen it happen so many times, somehow I never get caught in the spawn camp. I’m no god, I just use my brain.

Still agree they should make a drop down so enemy team can’t get in there. But there are things players can do too.

You care completely failing to see the problem. It has nothing to do with being pushed up the road.

If the enemy team is dominating they move in to the spawn point and zerg kill people as they spawn 1 at a time. That is the problem. It should not be possible. The respawning players should be able to rebuild their force before getting ganked 1 by 1 by a zerg.

Nope I’m not missing anything. OPR is basically all I do, I’ve watched it, been part of it, countless times. Players get camped when they make bad decisions. Yes the game design allows for it, and maybe it shouldn’t. But it can be largely prevented by making better decisions and having an ounce of situational awareness.

Yeah i have made a better decision by just sitting on my phone when i join a game thats being spawn camped. 100% suggest this as a method for dealing with it as opposed to dodging 10 people spawn camping, getting to an outpost and killing all the enemies there by myself healers and all, obviously soloing any and all brutes on the way, while hoping at the same time that my team can dodge all the crowd control effects before being descended upon like they’re some poor fool at the beginning of a zombie movie

Because in this pissing contest, i can go the furthest distance with the most style.

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Literally never have seen a situation where a team is being spawn camped and every point has enemies on it. Who just sits around on a point that isn’t being contested? I guess you just have the worst luck ever.

Mate if spawn is being camped by your team its just good strategy to guard what you already have.

They had the common sense to separate the area you spawn in in wars and im guessing its for this exact reason

DankSnakeOil is obviously a troll

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They reward spawn camping.

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